Family Friendly Berry Cocktail

Are you looking for a fun, family friendly mocktail/cocktail? This might be the one for you. This is the perfect drink when you want to make something for everybody.

  • Sprite
  • Strawberries
  • Raspberries
  • Blackberries
  • Vodka, flavored or unflavored

Cut up the strawberries into bite sized pieces. Fill glasses 1/2 to 3/4 of the way up with a mix of the berries. Fill the glass with Sprite and serve with a straw and a fork for a non-alcoholic beverage that everyone can enjoy.

If you want to make an alcoholic version for adults, add the vodka before adding the Sprite.

This fun, easy drink was a hit at our house especially with our youngest, Octavia, who ate all her fruit and then ate her sister’s fruit when she sat her drink down for a minute.

Asian Place Chinese Restaurant – Fort Mitchell, KY

Shrimp Lo-Mein

During our staycation, we decided to make it more interesting by finding new places to visit and new restaurants to eat at. We looked around online and found Asian Place Chinese Restaurant. It had wonderful reviews and after eating there I completely understand why. It is off of a side street and if I didn’t know it was there I would have never seen it. It’s in a small strip mall. There is ample parking. The restaurant is cozy and very clean. We sat in a booth near a large fish tank and there was a highchair available for Octavia.

House Udon

The young lady who was working the front was very nice. We started with an order of crab rangoons. They were delicious. I chose the House Udon (pictured) and it was fabulous. Michael ordered the Orange Flavored Chicken with fried rice and an order of Vegetable Lo Mein. Both were amazing. Ivy got the Shrimp Lo Mein (pictured) and was raving about how great it was. Isabella ordered off the kid’s menu. She got chicken on a stick and rice. Octavia loves to eat whatever we are eating. We asked if she could have an extra plate so she could share all that food with her Dad. She was so excited to eat the oranges they garnished the plate of chicken with and a bunch of fried rice.

We took home a ton of leftovers to enjoy another day. It was a great meal. I would happily eat here again!

Price: House Udon $9.55, Shrimp lo mein $9.25, Orange flavored chicken with fried rice $11.25, Vegetable lo mein $8.95, Crab Rangoons $5.95, Kid’s meal unknown (The price wasn’t on the to-go menu and I can’t remember how much it was. An order of chicken on stick is $5.95.)

Happy Travels!

Dewey’s Pizza – Crestview Hills, Kentucky


The Edgar Allen Poe

We have been wanting to have dinner at Dewey’s Pizza in Crestview Hills, Kentucky for a long time and it just never seemed to work out. It’s too far from our house to just go there for a quick dinner out and whenever we had more time somebody was not in the mood for pizza. We recently took a staycation to visit all the places that we always want to go and never do. Dewey’s Pizza was on both mine and my husband’s list. We had heard so many great things about the place and it was all true. We came in a little earlier than normal dinner rush because we had been doing things all day and were ready to eat. Dewey’s did not let us down. We were seated and waited on promptly and courteously. They seated us in a booth with a high chair on the end for Octavia.

The Don Corleone

We started with a Greek salad. It is field greens, kalamata olives, sundried tomatoes, feta, a ton of roasted garlic, red onions, cucumbers, and roasted red pepper vinegarette. It’s a really great salad and the dressing on this really makes it. So many of their pizzas looked delicious. We couldn’t agree on just one pizza so we ended up getting two. The first was the Don Corleone. It is topped with red sauce, mozzarella, pepperoni, genoa salami, capicola ham, and oregano. It was the perfect hearty meat pizza. Everything worked together very well. Our second pizza was the Edgar Allen Poe. It is topped with olive oil, mozzarella, fontina, mushrooms, roasted garlic, kalamata olives, and goat cheese with tomatoes and parsley after it’s baked. Ivy really enjoyed this pizza. I liked it but felt like there were too many fresh tomatoes and the whole roasted garlic was a bit much. I was able to remove some of the tomatoes but the garlic is much harder to remove as it is baked into the pizza. Ivy loves garlic and even eats the raw cloves so she was quite pleased with the garlic. She did agree about the tomatoes and removed about half of them too. The combo of cheeses on this pizza was amazing. I know that we would order the Don Corleone again. We would like to go back soon and try some of their other pizzas.

Price: Large Greek Salad $8.95, Large Don Corleone $21.45, Large Edgar Allen Poe $22.45 = $52.85 plus drinks and tip

Happy Travels!

Servatii Pastry Shop – Crestview Hills, KY


Our daughter, Octavia, had to go to the hospital to have some blood drawn. She had a high lead level on her doctor office foot stick so they wanted to make sure she was fine. We live in a newer house but she went to an older daycare and we do visit a ton of older places so we wanted to make sure she was alright. They called today and her lead level is fine. They said it was just a fluke and could have been caused by shoes which is a scary thought.

I promised to get her a cookie when we were done. We hadn’t visited the new Crestview Hills location of Servatii yet and I decided that was the place to go. It is a cute little shop and smells great. Their desserts are amazing! I have eaten their cakes before at birthday parties and they were delectable. I was surprised to find that they carry a small selection of non-dessert foods like salads. We didn’t try them but they looked good.

After looking at everything, Octavia found a unicorn cookie that she just had to have. It was so cute! Ivy and I picked out a little treat too. We each got a cannoli. They were perfect. I also decided to get a dessert for everyone to enjoy after dinner. I chose a key lime wedge cheesecake for myself. Ivy chose a chocolate dome sensation. She was amazed by the amount of chocolate in it. She was only able to eat half of it in one sitting and ate the rest the next day. Octavia got a cannoli for her dessert. I got Michael a cheesecake slice and Isabella an Opera Cream slice. They both loved them. Isabella thought that the little music note was the cute thing ever. We ended up leaving with three containers of goodies instead of just the cookie we came for.

Yum! Yum! Yum!

They did have a table and chairs out front but we chose to bring our goodies home. There was a ton of icing on that unicorn cookie and two-year-olds are often messy. I was surprised to find that she was relatively tidy after eating it. She really enjoyed it and apparently didn’t want to waste any.

Prices: Decorated Cookies (Unicorn) $1.99, Chocolate Dome Sensation $3.95, Cannoli $1.40 each, Key Lime Wedge $2.75, Cheesecake Slice $2.75, Opera Cream Slice $2.75 = $18.39 for all our goodies

We will definitely be visiting again!

Happy Travels!

September Goals


September Goals

  • Pay off Credit Card #7
  • Start Our New Cleaning/Zone-Cleaning Routine
  • Check-ups for the girls & Michael
  • Research Health/Vaccines related to International Travel with Kids

We paid $500 on credit card #7 last month. It currently has a balance of $1619. Michael suggested that we just go for it. I was a little apprehensive but we both agree it’s the push we need to get back on track. Michael is aware that I get a little obsessive about achieving goals so he knows what he is getting himself into. We know it’s a huge amount but we are going to give it our best to pay it off. Honestly, we are taking a gamble this month. I usually pick goals that we are likely to be able to hit. This is the first month that I am not sure if we are going to be able to meet our goal. We are willing to try. I will be extremely disappointed if we don’t meet our goal. Go big or go home, right? Just kidding. We will likely be staying at home a lot in order to make this happen. We will be cooking meals at home, packing our lunches, and using whatever we have on hand to avoid shopping as much as possible. We knew what we were getting ourselves into by setting the bar so high. We also know that we have to push hard in order to make it to our dreams.

We are starting our new cleaning and zone cleaning routines this month. I made some major changes to them. We had an old routine that had things that needed to be done daily, bi-weekly, weekly, monthly, and annually. I revamped this to get rid of the monthly section. We now have a seven-week zone cleaning schedule. We set of the first schedule ages ago and we have been slowly adapting over the years. There are things that were not on our lists at all that we discovered were needed. We have been doing some things here and there to keep them from getting out of hand but they were not planned into our routine. Cleaning schedules and zone cleaning makes running a home less stressful. Everybody knows what is expected of them and does their part. I discovered zone cleaning watching “How Jen Does It” on Youtube. I loved the idea and love her channel. If you are trying to find ways to streamline your cleaning schedule, I suggest watching her. Zone cleaning was an “AHA” moment for me. I realized I could take our monthly items and add all the other things that we were trying to figure out how to fit into our schedules to create our zone cleaning schedule. I ended up with a 7-week rotation. I don’t have any zone cleaning scheduled for the weekends because I will be working 12.5 hours a day on the weekend. My husband will be doing his weekly items on the weekend. He will also be covering all the daily chores with the help of the girls. I can do a post about our schedules if anyone is interested.

Michael and the girls all have checkups scheduled this month. Also, I am researching health and vaccines related to International travel with kids. I plan to ask the girls doctor about recommended vaccines and how we go about getting what we need. I want to get an idea of when I need to start vaccine schedules and how much money we need to save.

I know our list of goals appears short this month but these goals are going to require a lot of effort. I really enjoy when the list is shorter even when the items are more difficult. I feel like I am able to focus more on achieving larger goals. Do you prefer a large goal or multiple smaller goals?