Harrison Branch of The Cincinnati Library – Harrison, Ohio

We happened to stop by this library because we simply needed to get out of the car. The kids had been in the car for a while. They were getting whiny. Isabella, being just over 1, did not hold up well to really long car rides. One of my tried and true travel tips for traveling with kids is – The Public Library is Your Friend! No matter where you are if you can find the local public library you can take a break for free. Kids need to get out of the car sometimes. They all have a children’s area. Some are much nicer than others.

The Harrison Branch is pretty nice. It was clean and had loads for the kids to do. There is a large block table, a row of computers for kids, a puppet stage, tons of books, bins of toys and stuffed animals. It is easy to find and near the highway.

The Details:

Website: http://www.cincinnatilibrary.org/branches/harrison.html

Cost: Free

Location: 10398 New Haven Road, Harrison, Ohio 45030

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