Millennium Park & Sculptures in Chicago, IL.

I am an art fan and could not imagine visiting Chicago without seeing some of the amazing sculptures that the city possesses. We took our time and enjoyed the sculptures near and in Millennium Park. We began with the “Untitled Sounding Sculpture” by: Harry Bertoia (1975). It is on East Randolph Drive. It is an amazing little park like area they have here. When crossing Randolph on my way to explore Millennium Park I lost my shoe at the crosswalk!! This is just one of those things that tends to happen to me, lol. I was wearing very basic flats and pushing the stroller. When the crosswalk changed half way through we picked up the pace. That’s when my shoe decided to go flying. It was OK. I picked it up and put it back on when I got to the sidewalk on the other side. Nothing wrong with a little Chicago barefoot, right?

I still cannot believe I got this shot! I actually took that! I was super proud 🙂

Millennium Park is a must see when visiting Chicago. It houses “Cloud Gate” by: Anish Kapoor (2004). This bean shaped sculpture is one of Chicago’s best known works. It is astounding and other worldly. You cannot come to Chicago and not see it. It is a rare treat to find a work of art that you are not only allowed  to touch but begs to be.

The park also features the BP Bridge, The Crown Fountain, The Jay Pritzker Pavilion, and The Lurie Garden. Also do not forget to take the sky walk across to get great photos from the glass encased balcony. This is such an incredible park that you could easily spend a relaxing afternoon taking in all it has to offer.


Jay Pritzker Pavilion

After the park we went to see “Large Interior Form” by: Henry Moore. It is in another small park like area. The city is littered with green spaces that house various arts. They are like a small oasis amid the buildings and people. This was a beautiful piece. There are other sculptures in this square. It is a relaxing experience. There were art students napping on benches with their books. This is a must to see the city through an artist eyes.

Large Interior Form By Henry Moore

Next, We walked to the corner of the block to see “The Fountain of the Great Lakes” by: Lorado Taft. This is a large detailed fountain with a big square water area in front of it. The surrounding grounds are set up in a grid formation. It is a nice place to hang out for a few minutes and take a breather. The fountain is circa 1913. It is like looking at a piece of history. Spend a few more minutes in this area and see “Celebration of the 200th Anniversary of the Founding of the Republic” by: Isamu Noguchi (1976). It is on the opposite side of the block. Go East on Jackson and then North on Columbus.

The Fountain of the Great Lakes by: Lorado Taft (1913)

The Details:

Cost: 100% FREE!!

Location: Downtown Chicago in The Loop

Happy Travels!!!

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