Chicago’s Watertower Mall – American Girl & A Budget Breakfast

Traveling with a girl under twelve? You simply must visit the American Girl store. I got the pleasure of taking Ivy there. She used to read their magazines and be a bit of a fan. She had never been to the store though. They have a doll with the same name as her. She just wanted to see “Ivy” in the case and get a photo with her. They had a hula dancer at the back of the first floor. She did a show. Then she showed the kids some hula moves. We stayed to watch her for a few minutes but we were starving so we had to move on.

I had gotten a tip from an online friend that there was an amazing place to have breakfast in the same mall. I thought, “Breakfast…In the mall food court…weird!” But I figured it could not hurt to take a peek. It took us a minute to figure out the elevators. They are fast moving! The kids got a kick out of them. The place is on the Mezzanine level. Not all of the elevators will take you to this floor. We finally made it to the right one. As we walked into the food court we were struck by the line at one place. It was of course the place she had suggested. Their name is Foodlife but the sign above it simply read “Breakfast.” Ivy and I got into line. Michael and Isabella went to claim us a table.

Ordering here is confusing. The line is fast paced and cafeteria style. You grab a tray and move down the line. When they point to you it’s your turn. All I can say is decide in advance because you do not get long to order. Ivy is always very slow to choose. This was not for her. They were not going to wait. I ordered a little of everything and fast. At the last moment she yells, “Waffle.” The guy nodded and yells back, “4 Minutes.” I moved to the end and paid quickly. Only after I got back to the table did I realise that I only bought one drink! There are other restaurants and coffee shops on the floor. I was not going back through that line. So a word to the wise “Remember to order drinks!”

Our Order

1 Stuffed Croissant – $2.79

1 Side of Applewood Bacon – $2.49

1 Side of Scrambled Eggs – $2.29

1 Belgian Waffle – $3.99

1 Side of Pork Sausage – $2.49

1 Side of Chicken Sausage – $2.49

1 Regular Drink – $1.69

Tax – $2.06

Total = $20.29

We had two trays laden with food. Ivy went back up to the register to grab her waffle. I wish I would have taken a photo of that Belgian waffle! The food was all amazing! Their chicken sausage knocked my socks off! I could have ate a plate of nothing but it! The scrambled eggs were cooked to perfection. I cut the large stuffed croissant and waffle into four pieces. It was plenty of food for the four of us. Everyone left the table with a full belly and a smile.

Side Note: Do not forget to stop by the bathroom before leaving. It can be hard to locate a public restroom in downtown Chicago. The one on the mezzanine level was clean and not crowded. The kids and maybe even the adults will be amused by the double sided air dryers that you have to put your hands into.

The Details:

Cost: American Girl – Free to visit & Breakfast – $20.29

Location: North Michigan Avenue near East Pearson Street

Phone Number: 312-335-3663

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