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This little cafeteria style restaurant is simply amazing! It has been open and serving food since 1909! That kind of endurance speaks for itself. It was the driving force behind our visit. If it had been there for that long then they must be doing something right! It is now on my must visit list for Chicago trips. There is a long glass case full of sample plates and food. You pick out what looks good. They make you a plate that is hot and fresh from the kitchen. They do not have kids meals. Instead they offer half portions of all menu items. This is nice if your kids are not happy with the typical “kid fare.” Ivy is like this. She has been raised to try different things. She now has a varied palate and enjoys more “grown-up” food. Half portions are also nice for lunch or for light eaters. They are also nice to your budget!

I ordered a spinach and ricotta Pizzicottos. Michael got goat cheese ravioli. Ivy got a half order of chicken ravioli with tomato herb cream sauce. Bella got a half order of spaghetti and a meatball. Their meatballs are the size of a baseball! They have bottomless drinks but they do come with a $2 price tag. The low food prices more than make up for it!

Michael and I split his ravioli and my pizzicotto. They went wonderfully together! He joked that I managed to get him to eat a meal without meat and he was singing it’s praises. He is one of those people who thinks dinner is not dinner without meat. This was a huge moment for him. I am so easy-going and varied when it comes to food. I do not have “food rules.” Things like his “You cannot have dinner without meat” or my personal favorite “Pie is not breakfast food.” Yeah, I guess rules were meant to be broken or completely forgotten!

Ivy loved her food and the half portion was still large. Bella barely put a dent in her food. If I had it to do over I do not think I would have ordered her a meatball. The spaghetti was huge and very tasty. I suggest this place to anyone going to or living in the Chicago area. It was clean, family friendly, inexpensive, and delicious! It is the kind of place that you can let the kids take their time.

The Details:

Location: 212 E Ohio St, Downtown Chicago, IL

Phone: (312) 482-9900

Website (Menu): http://www.pompeipizza.com/menu/streeterville-menu/pizza/ 

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  1. Ummm…Pie is not breakfast food? Oh you’ve definitely got some rule breaking to work on.
    Love places with half portions. Perfect for my daughters. Thanks.

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