Inspiration From “Live More, Want Less” By: Mary Carlomagno

I came across this while reading and wanted to share it with all of you. It spoke to me deeply and sums things up perfectly.

“People who live in experience, travel, taste, and touch are natural explorers; they recount memories of things they have done, friends they have made, and places they have seen. Consider these memory gems your best-prized possessions; they go much further than any seemingly perfect purchase.” – Mary Carlomagno

I’m seriously loving this book!

Happy Birthday Ivy!!

Today my oldest is 11 years old! Wow, kids grow up way too fast! As part of her present she gets to plan a trip for the first time. While she has been many places, she has never planned a trip all on her own. It is just a day trip or single overnight at most. It can be anything she wants to do. It has to be within 75 miles of our current place and she has a budget of $200 which includes meals. It must be done on a Friday or Saturday and she cannot miss school to go. She has to do all of the planning. She must pick out the route on a road map, plan where we are going, find out how much admission is to the place or places she picks, plan meals (either packing or where we are going), and making sure we have any needed items or equipment (i.e. water bottles for outdoors, swimsuits, proper clothing). I am very curious to see what she comes up with. Ivy has varied interests from art and history to nature and animals. We could literally end up just about anywhere!