Look Where You Are Going, Not Where You Have Been

“Look where you are going, not where you have been.” I say these words at least 5 times everyday. I have a 2-year-old that prefers to look behind herself as she walks up the stairs. My oldest had a similar problem. She always looked everywhere except right in front of her face. I have uttered those words over the course of motherhood around a million times and it did not hit me until today how poetically beautiful they really are. People spend so much time looking at their past. Some drown themselves in their mistakes. Some constantly re-live every little slight that life gives them. Others cannot get over past happiness to discover happiness in the future. Some simply cannot put away where they came from or how they grew up to realise that they could be more or that they could have less and still be content. Everyone has made mistakes. To error is to be human after all. Life is not always fair. All we can do is keep our head up and look to where we are going. You can do anything with enough planning and forethought. Do not dwell on the past. It is the past and can no longer be affected. You cannot change it but you can change your future path at any point. If you do not like the course your life has been taking, pick a new one. Please consider my insight of the day and give these words a minute to have meaning to you. “Look where you are going, Not where you have been.”