Orange Leaf – Florence, KY

Orange Leaf is a frozen yogurt place with a toppings bar. They are pretty common across the US but this was the first one in this area. I was super excited when we came across it! There are tons of ice-cream places in the Cincinnati area but not many frozen yogurt ones.

When you get here, you grab a cup when you come in the door and fill it with the frozen yogurt of your choice. Pick one or all. The Choice is yours. Then you pick out your toppings. They weigh it at the register and you pay $0.49 an ounce. Easy, peasy.  I had their cheesecake yogurt with graham cracker topping. It was amazing!! The feel of this place is very funky and kid friendly. The kind of place you can just kick back, laugh, and enjoy your frozen treat.

Isabella and Me

The Details:


Location:  7651 Mall Rd, Florence, KY 41042

Cost: $20 for 4

The Steamboat Shuffle by: Michael Capek

This is an amazing book! It’s historical fiction which means that it is a fictional story based in a true time period. It offers great insight into what it would have been like to be present in 1922 Cincinnati, OH. This was a fitting read because we are currently living in the Cincinnati area. I felt like it would give me a better frame of reference to get to know more about the area and it’s history. It turned out to be a very good story and it was written by a local.