Why do we bother?

Children can happily turn anything into a great toy or amazing new game. Last night Isabella used junk paper to make a game resembling hopscotch. Today she is pretending our kitchen table is a playhouse. As parents we are pressed to buy expensive toys that will entertain our children or make them more intelligent. They receive countless toys for birthdays and holiday gifts. Many of these requiring batteries that take a toll on our pocketbooks as well as the environment. Then the toys break and they help to fill our ever expanding landfills. When in reality our children learn more from playing with everyday items and using their imaginations. Makes me wonder, Why do we bother?

3 Replies to “Why do we bother?”

  1. Last Christmas, after my nephews had opened all of their many, many presents, I found my eldest nephew sat in the dining room building spaceships with my husband’s old lego from the early 1980s! The new stuff was entirely forgotten about!

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