Hmmm….Maybe I’m too old for this…Nah

Last night I was skipping down the hall to bed when it dawned on me that I’ll be 30 in just a few months and here I am skipping to bed like a 5 year old. Perhaps I’m a little too old for this…Oh, my and some of my other pursuits as well. I sing to myself in public, often loud enough for the person next to me to hear. I get way too excited over little things. I dance around my house almost daily. I’m one of those people you see on the highway busting a mini move and singing in the car. I always giggle at silly jokes and tell the same ones over and over. I love the swings at the playground. I love reading to my kids and not just because it’s good for them. Have you read “Don’t let the pigeon drive the bus” by Mo Willems? I laughed so hard I almost cried! I like wearing loud, obnoxious colors and funky jewelry. I am forever learning something new. Most of it is useless information…but it’s my useless information. I like running and jumping and yes, skipping…especially to bed. Maybe it’s not all normal…But why be normal? I have so much more fun doing things my way!

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