Natural Bridge State Park – Slade, KY

A view from under the Natural Bridge we later walked across!

Natural Bridge State Park in Slade, KY is a MUST-SEE!  It is a beautiful, amazing place to spend a day or weekend.  There are hiking trails at many different skill levels.  The views are breath taking.  You feel the need to sit and contemplate nature, beauty, and life.  There is something animalistic about hiking through the woods and sitting at the edge of a cliff, which honestly feels a bit like the edge of the world when you are there.

This is the biggest hiking trip we have been on since Isabella was born.  Hiking with kids can be difficult but it is also highly fulfilling.  It is unbelievable how a family can connect!  No cell phones, no computers, no TV’s, no music, no ads, no distractions…Just each other and nature.  There was nothing to get in the way of kids being kids.  It is implied that you will get dirty!  Surprisingly, the kids thought it was super exciting to stop and get a snack out of our backpack. I guess crackers are way better sitting on a rock with a view.

Location-Natural Bridge State Resort Park, 2135 Natural Bridge Road, Slade, KY

Cost-Free to Hike!


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