My Best Friend

A best friend is a commodity that is hard to come by. To find somebody who accepts you for who you really are, quirks and all, is what we are all looking for. How blessed I must be to have found my best friend and married him. Love is simply friendship caught on fire.

Today is our anniversary but everyday is precious. We have made so many memories together over the years. We have brought new life into the world. My hope for our daughters is that they find this, somebody who makes them happy, who will be there when they are sad, who thinks of them often, and accepts them for exactly who they are.

Happy anniversary to my loving husband and best friend!

Glitter Pumpkins


We are currently living in a third floor walk-up with no balcony so trying to find a place to put our carved pumpkins was an issue. I came across this idea while cruising pinterest. It is super easy and even 2-year-old Isabella could do it without help. You simply paint a white mini pumpkin with Elmer’s glue and then sprinkle with sparkles, continuing until the entire pumpkin is covered. We used Q-tips to spread the glue on them. I also opted for the glitter in a shaker bottle. It’s like using a salt shaker. Super easy!

The girls had fun making them and we can keep them on our kitchen table. I highly suggest this to anyone, especially those families who have no outdoor space of their own!

Cost – under $10 with leftover glitter and glue for another project

Happy Halloween!