Book Review “How Children Succeed”

I just finished the book “How Children Succeed – Grit, Curiosity, and the Hidden Power of Character” by Paul Tough. This book is an amazing look at how a child succeeds from a scientific/sociological view with studies, individual cases, and statistics to back up his beliefs. I loved this book! It looks at how people of all different classes are being failed by the education system in the United States. There is a lot of emphasis on children raised in poverty and why it is so hard to go beyond the class you were born in to. I suggest this book to anyone interested in how children really learn and what attributes make a child most likely to succeed both in college and in life. This book is also a must read for anyone that wants to make a difference in the education system or even the education of only their children.

Robert Frost

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.” Robert Frost

This has always been one of my favorite quotes. My life has been very different than most. This is mainly because I am not afraid to follow my dreams. I am willing to admit what I want and just go for it. I am also willing to change direction if I get some place and decide that is not where I want to be any longer. Goals can change as you grow as a person. Do not let fear of being different keep you from moving forward.

In life, dare to be different. Dare to follow your heart. Dare to chase your dreams, no matter how crazy. Dare to do what makes you happy. Dare to be yourself and forget who is watching or what they may think. Scare yourself occasionally by doing what feels right, even if everybody says you’re crazy. They have not lived your life. They do not know where you have been or how you have felt. You are the only one who knows what is right for you. Dare to live the life you are meant to. Dare to take the path less traveled. It is a little rough but it has a hell of a view!