Budget Challenge #1 – Lunch

Between work and school I tend to eat a lot of lunches at restaurants and out of vending machines. Not only is this really bad for me but it’s also really expensive! This week I began packing. I packed lunch, a small snack, and a couple drinks in reusable bottles. The couple early days I even took my breakfast with me to class. The financi breakdown looks about like this:
Lunch out $5
Drink from the vending machine $1.50 each (I typically get two)
Snack from machine $0.55-$1
Total of = $7.05 to $9.00 a day

Packed Lunch $1
2 drinks $0.50
Snack $0.25
Total of = $1.75

That’s a savings of $5.30 to $7.25 a day! That’s an incredible savings!

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