Miserly Moms

My third book of the year was “Miserly Moms – Living Well on Less in a Tough Economy” by: Jonni McCoy. This book is packed full of great ideas to help a family save money on the basics. There are recipes, crafts, and tips that you can use.

This book is about saving for what you want. Her personal story was that she wanted to stay at home with her kids and the things in this book helped her to do that. I get the pride in that. However, I didn’t expect that there would be so many comments on staying at home with your kids but she did include a chapter for parents who do work which made me feel a little better. I skipped the testimonials from stay-at-home moms in the first chapter. I like working. I tried the stay-at-home mom thing and it was so not for me. For those who do enjoy it or want to try it this book has information in it that you may enjoy.

On a side note: If you borrow this book be prepared to take notes. If you buy this book you may want post-its to mark pages. There are some truly awesome things in here!

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