I was a really good mom before I had kids

I just finished “I was a really good mom before I had kids – reinventing modern motherhood” By: Trisha Ashworth and Amy Nobile. This was my seventh book of the year. It is funny but there are some things in here that while good advice does not apply to us. I will not say I have no mommy guilt but I’m not in the league that some of these women are in. Some of the dirty little secrets had me dying laughing! I do not have the mentality that I have to do everything myself so that concept is foreign to me. I could not imagine not expecting my husband or kids to do anything for themselves. I will say that it feels like as a mom if anyone does not do their chores that it gets dropped on me. It was nice to know that others feel the same way. If you are a mom struggling with all that is expected of moms (you know just to be perfect super moms) then you may enjoy this book.

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