Love The New House!

We did indeed close on Friday! We spent Friday night cleaning. We picked up some Chinese take-out and had a “picnic” on our new living room floor. We were super excited to start making memories right away.

Saturday we moved our things in. We have spent the rest of the week slowly unpacking and getting organized. We still have a very long way to go but we have no complaints. We love the place. We are so happy to finally be here! Everything we went through when buying this place has made us even more thankful to be here!

We have lived in a third floor walk-up without so much as a deck since Isabella was 2 months old. She is adjusting to having a backyard quickly and very happily, I might add! It is fenced in with a nice little wooden play set for her to play on. Ivy’s biggest concern is making new friends in the neighborhood. I hope she meets some good friends her age soon.

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