Abuelo’s Mexican Restaurant – Crestview Hills, KY


I took my hubby out for a special dinner at Abuelo’s Mexican restaurant. He is a HUGE fan of Mexican food! This place is amazing! You get free chips and salsa for a starter. We ordered additional dips. He ordered a HUGE meal! Crazy man! I got a steak. I know, I know…but it looked great…and it was! I did get some mexican potatoes with it. Isabella got a quesadilla. Ivy got enchiladas with sour cream sauce. The girls both got rice and beans for sides.


He was defeated by “The Monterey.” Look at all the food left on that plate, lol.

Website: http://www.abuelos.com/

Cost: $50-$75 for a family of 4 (Not including dessert or Alcoholic beverages.)

Location: 2833 Dixie Hwy. Crestview Hills, KY 41017 (They have many others!)

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