Summer Challenge Notebook


This is a fun summer project for teens, tweens, and older kids. I made this for my 12 year old. I bought the little notebook at Hobby Lobby craft store. There is a small pocket in the back of the notebook for her to save tickets and things. I preferred this idea to the summer jar that we did last year because she can save this and look back on it years from now.


I split each page in half and then wrote a goal that seemed appropriate. Each goal has a small box next to it that she can place a star sticker in upon completion. There ended up being over 300 activities/goals in this book! I will now include a list of some of our ideas to get you started on making one for your child (or yourself).

  1. Swimming
  2. State Park
  3. Bakery
  4. Go to a friend’s house
  5. Beach
  6. Mall
  7. Make cookies
  8. Library (Listed a few different branches that we have near by)
  9. Paint
  10. Make a bird house
  11. Play fetch with a dog
  12. See a mountain
  13. Ice-cream cone
  14. Scavenger hunt
  15. Make rock candy
  16. Putt-putt golf
  17. Watch a movie made before 1983
  18. Borax crystals
  19. Flea market
  20. Farmer’s market
  21. Learn how to cook an egg
  22. Make a dream catcher
  23. Paper plate craft
  24. Draw
  25. Read a book (This is listed 10 times)
  26. Neighborhood walk
  27. Fly a kite
  28. Root beer float
  29. Plant seeds
  30. Yard sale
  31. Make something to wear
  32. Flip-flop redo
  33. Paint with straws
  34. Candy store
  35. Tie Dye T-shirt
  36. Pasta Salad (one of our summer traditions)
  37. Arboretum
  38. Play a board game
  39. Finger paint
  40. Go out for Ice-cream
  41. Visit Grandma
  42. Water balloon fight
  43. Drink an orange soda
  44. Go to a state park
  45. Go somewhere new (Listed multiple times, space left for her to fill in where she went)
  46. Make pizza
  47. Squirt Gun Fight
  48. Baseball game
  49. Make a craft you find on pinterest
  50. Make a bracelet
  51. Play in the hose/sprinkler
  52. Pudding painting
  53. See a waterfall
  54. Make cookies
  55. Friendship bracelets
  56. Paint a rock
  57. Eat a new fruit
  58. Go out to eat
  59. Eat something new
  60. Visit Grandpa
  61. Disney movie night
  62. Eat watermelon
  63. Bake bread
  64. Pet store
  65. Museum
  66. Water slide
  67. Side-walk chalk
  68. Go hiking
  69. Do a science experiment (Listed a few times)
  70. Make a tent/fort
  71. Have a friend spend the night
  72. Pet a farm animal
  73. Make slime
  74. Paint nails and toe nails
  75. Walk in the woods
  76. Lemonade
  77. Jump rope
  78. Spend a day outside
  79.    Family game night
  80.   Go for a walk
  81.    Wish on a shooting star
  82.    Go fishing
  83.    Listen to music
  84.    Hiking
  85.    Watch a sunset
  86.    Watch a sunrise
  87.    Catch bugs
  88.    Swing
  89.    Go down a slide
  90.   Color a picture
  91.   Picnic
  92.   Ride an amusement park ride
  93.   Eat a hotdog/hamburger
  94.   No electronics for a whole day
  95.   Lay on a big blanket outside and read
  96.   Watch a movie
  97.   Eat corn on the cob
  98.   Make S’mores
  99.    Dance

There’s a whole list of options! I hope your summer is a memorable one!


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