Harrison Tomb and Congress Green Cemetery – North Bend, Ohio

This is the burial site of President Harrison. You park in a small lot by an information center. There is a map and tons of information in this small area. The Harrison tomb is a tall tower on top of a set of stairs. At the top of the stairs is a landing with a decent view of the river. There is a book that you can sign to show you visited. As you leave the tomb area you will see a small path through the woods. I highly suggest this little detour. It leads right back to the information area but it is more fun then walking through the parking lot. There is a grated bridge over a tiny stream that my kids enjoyed.

Right by the information area is the mill stone in the photo. It’s neat to see. They used these huge stones to grind grains in old mills, hence the name, mill stone. Across the street is the Congress Green Cemetery. There is running buffalo clover growing over the whole cemetery. It is an endangered plant. The close up photo of leaves below is this plant. I enjoyed seeing something that was endangered growing so well. It is a pretty plant. You can walk around the cemetery and look at the stones. This is a short outing. It took us roughly an hour. It is easy to find, educational and free. It’s totally worth the trip.

The Details:

Harrison Tomb and Congress Green Cemetery

North Bend, Ohio

Price: Free