American Girl in Columbus, Ohio

Isabella’s birthday happens to be right before Christmas. It stinks for her because it makes scheduling a party and birthday related outings very difficult. She has recently became obsessed with American Girl dolls. We decided to surprise her with a birthday trip to the American Girl store in Columbus, Ohio. She had no idea where we were going until we arrived. She was so excited when she figured out where we were.

We were planning to get her one of the dolls that look like you but none of the options looked like Isabella. Her long, blonde, curly hair really narrowed down our options fast. She really took her time checking out every option. She decided to get Caroline.

She really is a beautiful doll and very well made. I really like the fact that these dolls have historical books about them. We explored the rest of the mall when we were finished at American Girl. It is a nice place. We found a restaurant to have dinner at before the drive back home. Isabella took her doll to dinner with her. The girls were asleep in the backseat long before we made it back home. She is very happy with her birthday present and has been dragging it everywhere since she got home.