HWY 55 Burgers – Cincinnati, OH

Looking for a fun place to grab a burger? We really enjoyed this family friendly burger joint on Eastgate BLVD. This place is set up like a 1950’s diner. The fare is simple. Burgers, fries, and shakes fill the menu. There are single, double, and even an Andy’s Triple burger for the extra big appetite. There are 13 toppings and 4 cheese options available for your burger building needs. They have a few other menu options but this is a burger joint so just go with it. The food is decent and so are the prices. Around $10 per person.

HWY 55 diner
HWY 55 diner

The kid’s meals are served in a car. This is a cute touch that is becoming more common to see in diners. The kid’s meal options are a cheeseburger, hot dog, grilled cheese, or chicken tenders served with fries and a drink.

Kid's Meal at HWY 55
Kid’s Meal at HWY 55

The regular booths are super long. You can easily fit 6+ people in the booth. This is great for bigger families. Some of the smaller booths look like backseats out of old cars which was a kitschy touch. Isabella seemed to find it amusing. The place was clean including the restrooms. The staff was friendly.

Isabella pretending to drive.
Isabella pretending to drive.

Located at 4450 Eastgate BLVD. in Cincinnati, OH. (This post is about this location. However, this is a chain so there are many others.)

Website: http://hwy55.com/

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