OMNIMAX: Humpback Whales

We recently enjoyed “Humpback Whales” at the OMNIMAX in Cincinnati, OH. It was simply amazing! It is a beautiful film with views that are breathtaking. The entire family enjoyed it. This is a great way to spend a rainy or chilly afternoon with your children. It is educational and still incredibly entertaining. It focuses on the fact that these whales were once on the brink of extinction but are now making a slow come back. It offers an up close look at how the humpbacks live including their songs and cute whale babies. The views when you are looking out over Tonga are inviting. There is a scene where they show a group diving together to catch fish that will have everyone sitting in awe.

This is a great film for both the young and young at heart!

You can watch the trailer here:

You get a discount on tickets if you print them at home. There is a link on the above link. Current prices are $8.50 for adults and $6.50 for kids without the discount. If you live in the Cincinnati area & would enjoy experiencing the Omnimax on a regular basis I would suggest a 1-year membership for $25. It’s a great deal. Parking is $6. After 4:30 it’s $4.

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