OMNIMAX: Jerusalem – Cincinnati, OH

This weekend I had the pleasure of watching “Jerusalem” at the OMNIMAX in Cincinnati, OH. This film revolves around three young women of different religions telling their story about their Jerusalem. It is a beautiful film. I love the views in this film. I love the history. But above all else I love the feeling that this film left me with. I was in awe. It is the perfect thing to see this week with Easter on it’s way.

You can watch a clip here but it does not do it justice.

You get a discount on tickets if you print them at home. There is a link on the above link. Current prices are $8.50 for adults and $6.50 for kids without the discount. If you live in the Cincinnati area & would enjoy experiencing the Omnimax on a regular basis I would suggest a 1-year membership for $25. It’s a great deal. Parking is $6. After 4:30 it’s $4.

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