Donut Holes & Tower Tree

We lived in Indiana when Ivy was little. Our favorite bakery was Schmidt Bakery in Batesville, Indiana. We were on a road trip and were driving right by Batesville so we decided to take a little detour. We stopped for breakfast. We were so excited to eat our bags full of glazed donut holes! They have these awesome yeasty donuts and donut holes.

While we were enjoying our breakfast, Michael and I were talking about things that we remembered about the area. One of us mentioned that there is a courthouse nearby with a tree growing on top of it. Isabella was very excited by this idea. We decided that it was worth going a couple of minutes out of our way to check this out. The Tower Tree is a small tree growing on top of a tower at the Decatur county courthouse. It’s in Greensburg, IN which is right down the road from Batesville.

Do you see that little tree? Isn’t that cute? It’s been there for a long time. It’s a Mulberry tree. This little tree has even been on “Ripley’s Believe it or Not” and apparently it brings a lot of tourism to the area. The girls really got a kick out of this. It gave us a little break to stretch our legs and was worth getting off the highway.

After this, we got back on the road to finish our trip. These little stop-offs have resulted in us seeing some really neat things over the years. There are so many little things that I would not necessarily go on a trip just to see but as long as we are in the area we will take the time to stop to see them. Have you seen this tree? What is your favorite roadside attraction? I’d love to hear it. Drop me a comment below!

Cumberland Falls State Resort Park


Cumberland Falls state resort park in Corbin, KY is considered a must-see for Kentucky. We have been living in the Cincinnati area for a while now and have decided to work our way through the must-see lists for Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana on the weekends. It was early October when we visited and the water was a little muddy. It was still a wonderful place and a fun day with the family. We began with the Falls. There are multiple viewing areas to enjoy Cumberland Falls beauty. We spent a little while starring and taking a few photos. There is a small snack stand and gift shop near the falls. We stopped for ice cream cones. Then we took a random trail to see where it went. It took us down to a sandy river bank. The kids had a grand time climbing on fallen trees and huge rocks.

IMG_7474Isabella could have spent an entire day playing there. We spent about an hour there. Afterwards, we took Moonbow trail which turned out to be a bit much for us. We had the dog with us. We took a turn off that took us to see a small waterfall. It was down a load of stairs that were narrow and steep. The dog simply could not make it down. The husband and I took turns with the dog while the other went down. It was getting late by that point and we decided to head back towards the car. It was a nice trip and goes in the family travel memory book. Looking forward to visiting some more of the must-sees around us.

Nashville, Indiana

We went to Nashville! No, the other Nashville.

Nashville is a quaint, little art town in Brown County Indiana. This was my birthday trip. I hadn’t visited since I was a child. I had fond memories of this town and wanted to share new memories here with my family. We parked and walked around town all day. We started off with a little window shopping and browsing through shops.

We enjoyed a show at Melchior Marionette Theatre. This little place is so cute! It’s cheap, clean family fun. The people that perform here are friendly and extremely passionate. The shows are not very long and run multiple times a day.

After the show, we wandered around town for a while. This town has so many little shops and galleries that you could easily spend an entire weekend looking through them. We don’t typically buy souvenirs. We do occasionally buy things that add value to our lives while traveling. On this trip, we bought five things. Isabella got a wooden doll set that she has had loads of fun playing with. They were from a free trade shop on the main road. I found a dragonfly necklace that I knew my mother would adore so I put it up for a Christmas gift. We also bought two small paintings. I am originally from Indiana and the paintings remind me of my childhood home. Ivy picked out an addition to her rock collection.

We stopped for lunch at Big Woods Pizza. This place was packed. The outdoor heaters were nice while waiting on the porch for a table. The atmosphere was amazingly rustic, feeling like a mix between a bar and a cabin. We had cheesy bread for an appetizer. We decided on “The Big Woods” pizza. It has pork sausage, roasted garlic, asiago, and mozzarella cheese with marinara sauce. It was hearty and delicious. We were hungry so I didn’t get the best picture.

After thoroughly stuffing ourselves, we continued our meandering around town. We visited a shop full of rocks with a big pile of geodes. Ivy is a huge fan and found a small piece of a meteor to add to her collection. We slowly browsed through a few more places before finding our way to The Candy Dish. Isabella was in heaven. It took her ages to decide on the perfect piece. She finally chose a white chocolate covered marshmallow.

We started making our way back to our car after this, still browsing along the way. That’s when we came across House of Jerky. This place was exactly what you are imagining. We were delighted to find how many types of jerky there were here. Ivy tried kangaroo. I loved the teriyaki beef. Michael likes all kinds of jerky. He chose a beef stick and venison. He also sampled everything they let him and our picks.

We were parked near the Nashville General Store and Bakery. We knew we wanted to check this place out before leaving town. We looked around the many areas of this eclectic little shop for ages. We also had their famous fried biscuits in lieu of dinner because we were still too full from that huge pizza.

Seriously people, look at these fried biscuits! I didn’t even mention the best part. That little cup is full of the best apple butter I have ever eaten. I would never have thought to put these two things together but it is pure magic! I can see why people visit just for these. I would happily go back to eat them again.

Next, we went on a little out of the way trip to find something I found online. There is a historical stone head near Nashville, Indiana. It was a mile marker and has stood since the 1800’s. We drove down some curvy country roads as sunset was steadily approaching looking for it. We honestly weren’t sure if we would be able to find it but we did and it was awesome! That concludes our trip to Nashville, Indiana. It is a beautiful place, full of art and surrounded by trees. If you ever have the chance to visit, I suggest you do.