Donut Holes & Tower Tree

We lived in Indiana when Ivy was little. Our favorite bakery was Schmidt Bakery in Batesville, Indiana. We were on a road trip and were driving right by Batesville so we decided to take a little detour. We stopped for breakfast. We were so excited to eat our bags full of glazed donut holes! They have these awesome yeasty donuts and donut holes.

While we were enjoying our breakfast, Michael and I were talking about things that we remembered about the area. One of us mentioned that there is a courthouse nearby with a tree growing on top of it. Isabella was very excited by this idea. We decided that it was worth going a couple of minutes out of our way to check this out. The Tower Tree is a small tree growing on top of a tower at the Decatur county courthouse. It’s in Greensburg, IN which is right down the road from Batesville.

Do you see that little tree? Isn’t that cute? It’s been there for a long time. It’s a Mulberry tree. This little tree has even been on “Ripley’s Believe it or Not” and apparently it brings a lot of tourism to the area. The girls really got a kick out of this. It gave us a little break to stretch our legs and was worth getting off the highway.

After this, we got back on the road to finish our trip. These little stop-offs have resulted in us seeing some really neat things over the years. There are so many little things that I would not necessarily go on a trip just to see but as long as we are in the area we will take the time to stop to see them. Have you seen this tree? What is your favorite roadside attraction? I’d love to hear it. Drop me a comment below!

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