Dedicating One Year to Life – 2017

What if I dedicated one year of my life to living my life? Sound silly? Let me explain.

I am a wife, mother of three, and a night shift nurse. My work and home life can both be very demanding.  I find myself becoming more overwhelmed in my daily life.  I discovered the concepts of minimalism, purposeful living, and mindfulness about a year ago while pregnant with my third daughter.  She is currently 6 months old and I have never felt more like time is just flying by.  There was not just one moment that suddenly made everything make sense.  There were many moments over the last few years that have continued to add up and have made it glaringly obvious that something in my life is going off track.

I am thinking about what I really want in life.  Not what I am “supposed” to want but what I actually want.  The whispers of my heart I hear when the house is quiet for a moment.  All of this led me to reevaluate our daily lives.  What does my family need?  What do I need?  How do I want my children to grow up?  What memories do I want them to look back on?  What if I spend my time instead of just “passing time” on watching TV and browsing through other people’s very edited social media feeds?  I use that time that I have been wasting to do all the things that I claim to not have time for.  What if I scheduled my time and planned the use of resources at home as effectively as I do at work?  What if I use my time to do all the things I have always wanted to do?  I could spend more quality time with my kids. I could check some things off my bucket-list. I have actually written one of those. You know, the end all, be all list of things I want to see, do, try, and eat before I take the old dirt nap. Nowhere on that list does it say watch reruns, spend hours staring at my phone each day, or give “The Joneses” a second thought. What if I lived on purpose?  How would it change me? How would it change my relationships? My family? My health? My job? My home? My finances?  What would happen if I spent one year truly living my life?

I have decided to spend 2017 living.  If you would like to follow along, I will be covering my journey here.

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