Family Meeting -2017 Project

We had our family meeting to discuss my idea of dedicating one year to life.  It was awkward to explain but my family was interested.  We discussed the things that we would like to see change and the things we wish to do more of.  We set up a schedule to make family life a little easier and to keep the house clean.  We discussed all the ways we can streamline the musts so we can spend more time on the wants. We want to spend as much time with our girls as possible before they grow up.  Healthy eating remains a goal going into 2017.  Isabella (7), has a goal to try new foods, especially more fruits and vegetables.  I was shocked that she came up with this.  Ivy (15), is focusing on school and wants to spend more time volunteering or interning to gain experience.  This will help her to decide what career she may want.  We all agreed that we want to spend more time together and with the extended family/friends.  We also all agree that I need a day shift job even though this means daycare and a pay cut.  I am terrified to send Octavia to daycare but night shift is killing me and is not good for my family as a whole.

We also talked about our big dreams and personal goals to see how things fit together.  We have taken many trips together over the years so it was no surprise that we all agreed that we would like to continue to travel as much as possible.  I decided that this was a great time to share my dream of long-term travel and a RTW trip with my family.  It is something I’ve touched on in passing but never truly opened up to family discussion.  It went over better than I expected.  Our oldest requires more stability than travel can give her during this time of her life.  We discussed the possibility of long term travel after she graduates in a few years.

During the meeting we touched on the fact that we want to work on our budget and paying off debt/saving more.  My husband and I spent time going over this in more detail after the meeting.  We have decided that paying off all of our debts is the key to the life that we want going forward.  My husband wants to live on the beach or at least within an easy drive.  We want to do a RTW.  We also both have jobs that are easy to move within the United States.  The older I get the more I want to take adventures.  I am sick of spending my time worrying about things that do not really matter and avoiding the things I want to do out of fear.  I fear that I am going to wake up one day, my kids will be grown, my health failing, and I will realize that I never “had time or money” to live the life I wanted to.  This fear is bigger than the others.  I talk to people everyday that are shocked to find that they have gotten to the end of their life and didn’t live any of the crazy dreams that they thought they would have time for later.

My husband and I have started breaking down how we can make our dreams a reality.  A schedule to make the everyday necessities easier was step one.  This gives us more free time and makes it obvious that we truly have this free time to spend.  Scheduling in family time including game night, movie night, and trips was a must as well.  Eating better and exercising is important for the whole family.  Being in good shape will make travel easier as well and seemed like an important step toward a RTW.  Getting our finances in order is imperative.  Having the debt monkey on our backs is not working for either of us.  We are working on getting exact numbers and plans together.  I will share more as we go forward.  2017 is shaping up to be quite a year!

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