First Week of 2017

During the first week of 2017 we started working toward our goal for a happier and more relaxed home.  We went through our kitchen.  We moved some things to new places that make more sense with the way we use the item or the space it is in.  We also got rid of a lot of things.  I was surprised to find that we had such an odd assortment of items crammed into those cabinets.  The kitchen is tidy and much easier to use.  Since making more dinners at home was part of our goals for a simpler and more functional family life.

I also finished my last night shift.  We set up daycare for our youngest so I can start my new day shift job.  I set up a daily family schedule to help us to keep the basics done.  All of this is going to be a major change.  We will evaluate each change and the impact that it is making on our family as a whole after each change.  Some changes will take more time to assess the impact of than others.

I also have decided that I want to make more time for things that I enjoy.  I would like to start writing more often.  My long-term goal would be to write daily but I do not think I am in a good position to achieve that goal.  I am going to set a realistic goal to write three times a week.  I also want to spend more time taking photographs and reading.

We have also started to get together a list of our debts and started working on a budget.  Paying off all of our debts is something that my husband and I both agree would make a huge difference in our lives.  We have our mortgage, two care loans, credit cards, student loans, and doctor/hospital bills.  We are still in the very early stages of this.  I will update all of you on this as time goes on.

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