New Position at Work!

As part of my project of “Dedicating One Year to Life” I want to spend more time with my children and lower my stress level.  I have been working as a night shift nurse for a local hospital for almost a year and a half.  I accepted a new position on the same unit as a day shift nurse.  It is a different work flow and was a significant pay cut but I needed this.  Actually, my whole family needed this.  I was working 12 hour shifts and I am now working 8 hour shifts.  I now work 4 days a week instead of 3 also.  We are trying to pay off all of our debt so the pay cut and addition of daycare stinks but the stress of working night shift with three kids was hard on all of us.  I am now home to make dinner, help with homework, and do the nightly/bedtime routine daily.

While I am very excited for the change, I grossly underestimated what switching shifts would do to Octavia (7 months old) and my body.  I am currently sick and so is the baby.  She started daycare this week which was hard emotionally.  The complete flip of schedule took both of us by storm.  I am not surprised that we ended up sick with all of this going on.  Hopefully it doesn’t last long.

My husband and I started setting priorities for paying off our debt.  We have decided that my car payment is a logical first choice because the payment is almost $300 a month and it is close to being paid off.  We will be using that extra money to pay off our credit cards next.  We are simply paying them off in the order for least to most owed.  Paying off all of our debts is a big step toward the life that we want.  We have a desire for less stress, more simplicity in our day-to-day lives, and the ability to travel more.  Our long-term goal is to do a RTW and move somewhere warmer near the beach.

We only did a little work on our home this week because we were so busy.  I bought new pajamas and socks for the baby because she was outgrowing hers.  I got rid of the ones she had outgrown and also boxed up some of her clothing that she grew out of.  Instead of replacing all of these items we decided to minimize the amount of clothing she has.  I was surprised that she had so much when I took the time to think about it instead of just buying things because baby clothes are super cute and tiny.  She only needs enough to get her through  a week.  Any less than that is a hindrance because I would have to do laundry more often.  She uses special soap so I cannot throw her stuff in with everything else.

Our goal for this coming week is to use the food we currently have in our kitchen instead of shopping or going out to eat.  This will help us to use up some of the almost forgotten items we found when cleaning out our kitchen in week one.  We can also use the money we typically would on groceries to further pay off our debt.  Our grocery budget is normally $150 a week.  My goal is to spend less than $50 this week on basics like bread, milk, eggs, and we have to buy dog food.

I will update you on our journey again soon

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