The Minimalism Game – Week 2

We continued the minimalism game for the second week. This week was much harder and it took me ages to get it posted because the girls have been sick. We have been continuing with the game and taking daily pictures though.

Day 8 – Two American Girl catalogs that were on Isabella’s bookshelf, a little notebook, a frisbee, and four flooring samples

Day 9 – Book with a broken spine and eight old toys

Day 10 – Sweater, two pajama shirts, a shirt, pajama pants, two tanks, two pairs of shoes, and a baby toy

Day 11 – Old Toys

Day 12 – More Toys including a Busy Book set and an old glove missing its mate

Day 13 – Toys, two coloring books, two chapter books, pajama shirt, sweater, and three pairs of pajama pants

Day 14 – Pajama shirt, chapter book, a broken Christmas ornament (I thought about fixing it but honestly I think it’s just going to sit there for ages.), a toy, a deodorant, penlight, two single socks, a coupon, a hotel key card, and four empty cards

I am amazed at the amount of odd stuff we have sitting around that has no purpose. One of those empty gift cards had been sitting on top of my dresser for over a year. Why? Because I never stopped to consider throwing it out. There are so many things like that around our home. Things that are completely useless but we allow them to stay because we have become blind to their presence.

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