June/July Review

June/July Goals

  • Maintain
  • Save for Dental Work
  • Schedule Appointments
  • Finish the Pantry Challenge
  • Plan/Have Octavia’s Birthday Party
  • Work on House/Continue Decluttering
  • Work on Breaking Down our Long-term Plan

We have done well at maintaining our financial standing over the past two months. We do have dental appointments coming up in a couple days which we have savings for. Ivy was unable to get an appointment to have her wisdom teeth taken out because of a referral issue that is now fixed so she will be doing that soon. Michael needed to get glasses this summer. This was his first time having any issues with his vision. I have decent insurance through my work and his eye exam and basic glasses were not horrible. His sunglasses nailed us. In total, it ended up costing us almost $500. That was a big hit but we had a feeling it was coming and budgeted accordingly.

This pantry challenge is legit never going to end. I have no idea where it all came from. I had no idea the number of odd things that were hiding in the kitchen. The initial wave of making meals was easy. We are now working our way through the odd bits such as frozen food, canned food, small amounts of pasta/rice, seasoning packets, and spices. It is difficult to plan meals around the odd items. We are very slowly clearing it all out. I wanted to completely clear everything out of our kitchen and also save some money in our monthly budget. We saved a ton of money over the last few months on groceries but that it no longer the case. We are now just planning meals around getting rid of things. It is no longer saving us much but it has made for more interesting meals.

We had Octavia’s second birthday party. We ended up doing Bubble Guppies. We had it in our backyard. It was loads of fun. I have photos and will be making a post soon.

I know that I am a little behind on posting because this summer has been so busy. I will be getting caught up on posts over the next couple months. We did some traveling. We worked on the house and continued our decluttering process.

I have spent a lot of time collecting information and putting together a list of everything we need to do before we leave in 2020. I know that we have two years but it is surprising how fast time goes. We both work full time and are busy raising three kids. We wanted to make sure we had enough time to prepare and research our options so we know that we have chosen the right ones. There is so much involved with prepping for long-term travel for a family of five that I will be dedicating multiple posts to it. I will share my list soon. I sectioned off a notebook and we added things to it as we thought of them or came across them on suggestions on blogs, vlogs, or word of mouth. It is so nice to have it all on paper and mapped out.

Anything you want to share with us? Please drop it in a comment below.

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