Isabella & Ivy looking for shells, Pensacola Beach, Florida 2015

My name is Crystal.  I’m married to Michael.  We have three daughters, Ivy (15 years old), Isabella (7 years old), and Octavia (6 months old).  We refused to give up on travel after becoming parents.  We want to see as much of this world as possible and share that passion with our children.  I started this blog to share our journey and hope to inspire others to never give up on their dreams.  I want to pass on everything we have discovered along the way that makes travel with kids easier and more realistic.

We have embarked on a project for 2017 called “Dedicating a Year to Life” which involves spending more time together, doing more of what we love, reaching for our dreams, and lowering the stress levels in our lives.  We are slowly embracing simplicity and minimalism.  We are paring down and figuring out what we can live without.  We are in the early stages of planning a RTW trip and a massive move.  We are paying off our debts, doing loads of research, and preparing for long-term travel.  We would love to have you along for the ride.  We need all the encouragement and support we can get.

We are currently living in the greater Cincinnati area. We believe that the best way to educate our children about the world is to allow them to experience it. There are so many amazing things out there and I want them to be a part of it. We both work full-time. My husband is a contractor and I’m a nurse. We try to make the most of our time off. We go on day trips, weekend getaways, and family vacations as often as possible. We like the outdoors, art, history, adventure, and food. Our girls are very different and I’m sure you noticed the age gap. I try to find places that will appeal to the whole family. I also always keep an eye on the bottom line so I can make sure the family budget always stays on track. No matter where we are, how much (or how little) we have to spend, or how little time we have, Travel and Experiences are important and possible!

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