Love this Book for Homeschooling a 7th Grader!

We are currently using Building Strong Writers in Middle School – Classroom-ready activities that inspire creativity and support core standards By: Deb Delisle and Jim Delisle. It is not made for homeschoolers but is easily adaptable. There are a few projects in here that would work better in a classroom but these can either be skipped or just done for additional practice. The getting to know you items were still fun because kids this age are always changing.

Me Talk Pretty One Day – Book #14

My fourteenth book of the year was Me Talk Pretty One Day By: David Sedaris. This book was so funny! Since we moved I have to pick my oldest up at school because we are outside bus service for her old school and I didn’t think it would be nice to switch her with one month of school left. I have taken this book with me to read in the pick-up line since last week. You should see the looks I’ve gotten laughing like a lunatic with this book in my hands! I am officially in love with the Rory Gilmore list! I had noticed this book before and skimmed by it thinking maybe next time. I am so glad I read it! Need a summer giggle? Go get this book! Seriously, what are you waiting for?

Who Moved My Cheese? – Book #11

My eleventh book of the year was “Who Moved My Cheese?” By: Spencer Johnson, M.D. My Dad had this book on his living room book shelf. From the moment I read the title I had to read it! I borrowed it a couple of weeks ago but didn’t have a chance to read it until recently because of finals. Now that I have had a chance to give it my undivided attention I can honestly say that everyone should read this book! The book is about four characters in a maze. Two mice and two people the size of mice. One day they all run out of cheese. The mice notice they are running low but the people don’t see it until it’s too late. The whole rest of the book centers on how different personalities deal with change and the importance of being proactive. There are so many life lessons that are relevant to everyone such as “What would you do if you weren’t afraid?” and “When you move beyond your fear, you feel free.” Take my advice and read this small but inspiring book!

I was a really good mom before I had kids

I just finished “I was a really good mom before I had kids – reinventing modern motherhood” By: Trisha Ashworth and Amy Nobile. This was my seventh book of the year. It is funny but there are some things in here that while good advice does not apply to us. I will not say I have no mommy guilt but I’m not in the league that some of these women are in. Some of the dirty little secrets had me dying laughing! I do not have the mentality that I have to do everything myself so that concept is foreign to me. I could not imagine not expecting my husband or kids to do anything for themselves. I will say that it feels like as a mom if anyone does not do their chores that it gets dropped on me. It was nice to know that others feel the same way. If you are a mom struggling with all that is expected of moms (you know just to be perfect super moms) then you may enjoy this book.

Miserly Moms

My third book of the year was “Miserly Moms – Living Well on Less in a Tough Economy” by: Jonni McCoy. This book is packed full of great ideas to help a family save money on the basics. There are recipes, crafts, and tips that you can use.

This book is about saving for what you want. Her personal story was that she wanted to stay at home with her kids and the things in this book helped her to do that. I get the pride in that. However, I didn’t expect that there would be so many comments on staying at home with your kids but she did include a chapter for parents who do work which made me feel a little better. I skipped the testimonials from stay-at-home moms in the first chapter. I like working. I tried the stay-at-home mom thing and it was so not for me. For those who do enjoy it or want to try it this book has information in it that you may enjoy.

On a side note: If you borrow this book be prepared to take notes. If you buy this book you may want post-its to mark pages. There are some truly awesome things in here!