Inspiration From “Live More, Want Less” By: Mary Carlomagno

I came across this while reading and wanted to share it with all of you. It spoke to me deeply and sums things up perfectly.

“People who live in experience, travel, taste, and touch are natural explorers; they recount memories of things they have done, friends they have made, and places they have seen. Consider these memory gems your best-prized possessions; they go much further than any seemingly perfect purchase.” – Mary Carlomagno

I’m seriously loving this book!

I Voted

Yesterday was election day. I did my American duty and voted. We also decided to take the kids in with us this year. This was the first time Ivy had seen the voting booths. It led to many discussions about government, elections, and America. It turned out to be one of those little life moments that allows a child to connect the dots and gets them asking questions. Remember that education is everywhere.

What is a Traveler?

Being a traveler is more than traveling.  It is a lifestyle.  It is the uncontrollable desire to explore, to leave no stone un-flipped, and to step outside yourself to see the world in a new way.  One can travel the world without ever truly experiencing it.  Never let fear stop you from doing something you want to. Take in whatever you can, try new things, connect the dots, and above all else do so with an open mind.  Accept that life is a mystery.  Search for the deeper meaning.  Try to understand.

There is no shame in being a backyard explorer.  There are times in life when one simply cannot get too far.  No matter where you are there are interesting things to learn and new things to try.  Be adventurous in life.  Do not accept the typical.  Be always moving forward.  See the beauty in the everyday. Remember what it was like to make a new discovery as a child.  Be always searching for that feeling.

Happy Travels