Family Fun at Flagship Park in Erlanger, KY

We really love to spend family days outdoors whenever the weather permits. We spend the summer checking out every park we can. This wasn’t too far of a drive from our house and felt like the perfect way to spend the afternoon with the girls. Octavia loves the swings. Isabella loves to run and play on the playground. Ivy just loves being outside. She has always been my little nature girl. She used to come home with her pockets full of all the things she had found outside such as rocks and sticks. She once attempted to bring home a handful of ants in her pocket.

There is a big playset that is made for kids 5 to 12. This playground has a smaller playset for little kids too. There are swings and a rock climbing wall. There are bathrooms and a covered picnic area near the playground. There is a loop walking path that goes past a pond.

We took the stroll around the path slowly. We stopped along the way to admire all the natural pretties. There were tons of blackberries. The girls enjoyed looking at them. The girls were so excited when we got to the pond because there were turtles in it. The biggest downfall of this park is the huge electric lines running through it. They really detract from the view.

We finished our walk and played at the playground for a little while before the girls were ready to leave. It was a warm day. We decided to go get milkshakes. Octavia was really worn out and fell asleep in the car. She is so cute.

Date with my Best Friend at The Pub – Crestview Hills, KY

I had the pleasure of going on a date with my best friend, Mandy. We have been friends since junior high. We are both moms with 3 girls each now. We get together with our kids in tow on a regular basis. It is a rarity that we are able to go out without our kids. My work schedule changes weekly and so does her husband’s schedule. We managed to finally find a day that neither of us had plans and we both had sitters! We started off our evening by having a glass of wine at Vom Fass in Crestview Hills, Kentucky. We ended up finding a wine that we both loved that was cheap so we both took a bottle home.

Then we wandered in and out of a couple shops. We looked at some pretties. We tried on some makeup. We walked slowly and chatted. It was so nice to have time to just catch up. We had time to discuss life, plans, dreams, feelings, and ideas.

We went to dinner at The Pub. We decided to be complete girls and had flatbread. We drank Sangria and chatted some more. Going out with your longtime bestie is completely different than hanging out with anyone else. It’s one of the few people you can talk to about everything. She is one of my favorite people in the world. There were many laughs that night. We ended our evening with dessert. We had this amazing Jamaican Cheesecake with caramel and bananas. It was a wonderful day and I can’t wait until we have the chance to do it again!

Izzy’s in Florence, KY


I can’t help it!  I just love a good sandwich! I also adore the pickles at Izzy’s.  They bring this bowl of free pickle goodness to your table and everything is awesome from that moment on.  We devoured our pickle appetizer while waiting on our sandwiches. Izzy’s is known for their pickles, Reubens, and potato pancakes.

IMG_8901 (1)

On this particular day, the hubby ordered a Reuben and I got the corn beef and Swiss.  They also make these perfect potato pancakes.  They are perfectly fried heaven.  I could easily go to Izzy’s and only eat them.  You can order them separately.  This restaurant is extremely family friendly.  They do offer kid’s meals that are similar to the adult food but the potatoes are different.  Isabella got the corn beef sandwich.  I could order a potato pancake for Isabella for lunch instead.  They are big and she loved them so much she put a pretty good dent in mine and her Dad’s.

We visited the location on Mall road in Florence, KY. The parking situation at this particular location sucks. It is in the same building as a Starbucks and shares a parking lot with a small strip-mall. If you go here at midday, you may have to circle the lot to find a parking spot.  It is worth the time spent finding parking. Very affordable at under $10 per person.

Come hungry and Enjoy!

Antique Shopping and Louisville’s Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

Crazy Daisy Antiques

We went on a day trip to Louisville, Kentucky for a girl day.  We did a little antique shopping.  We started at Tickled Pink.  It is a cute little shop.  We enjoyed browsing all the little goodies tucked into rooms and the art hanging on the wall including the staircase.  We also visited The Crazy Daisy Antique Mall.  This place was pretty big.  It has different stalls to visit.  The items were extremely varied.  The kids enjoyed seeing the old toys and baby clothing.

Please & Thank You

We decided that we must try the chocolate chip cookies at Please & Thank You while we were in town.  We had heard so many good things about this place that I wasn’t sure it could live up to the hype but I was wrong. The place definitely has a Hipster vibe. The staff was polite. The iced Thai coffee was amazing. Our oldest daughter, Ivy, really enjoyed their specialty tea assortment. She decided on the Ruby Slipper and loved it.

So Many Goodies!

We came for cookies but once Isabella looked in the case she decided that she had to try the Bourbon Bar. It was quite delish! Everything looked and smelled amazing. We placed our order and waited for it to be made. It was Sunday afternoon and the place was very busy. We found seats in the back near the record shop area.

They had a small table for the little kids with crayons & a shelf of old toys.

Ivy and I sat at the end of a large picnic table that was shared by many patrons. It was comfortable and friendly. The chocolate chip cookies were gooey and perfect. I understand why they are the best in Louisville.


We had an amazing day trip!  I’m glad we took the short drive.  It’s always nice going out with the girls for a day.  It is so relaxing being away from everything for a day.  There is so much to do in Louisville and it is such a pretty city that I know that we’ll go back.

Cumberland Falls State Resort Park


Cumberland Falls state resort park in Corbin, KY is considered a must-see for Kentucky. We have been living in the Cincinnati area for a while now and have decided to work our way through the must-see lists for Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana on the weekends. It was early October when we visited and the water was a little muddy. It was still a wonderful place and a fun day with the family. We began with the Falls. There are multiple viewing areas to enjoy Cumberland Falls beauty. We spent a little while starring and taking a few photos. There is a small snack stand and gift shop near the falls. We stopped for ice cream cones. Then we took a random trail to see where it went. It took us down to a sandy river bank. The kids had a grand time climbing on fallen trees and huge rocks.

IMG_7474Isabella could have spent an entire day playing there. We spent about an hour there. Afterwards, we took Moonbow trail which turned out to be a bit much for us. We had the dog with us. We took a turn off that took us to see a small waterfall. It was down a load of stairs that were narrow and steep. The dog simply could not make it down. The husband and I took turns with the dog while the other went down. It was getting late by that point and we decided to head back towards the car. It was a nice trip and goes in the family travel memory book. Looking forward to visiting some more of the must-sees around us.