Kite Flying in Kentucky


We were trying to find a good place to go kite flying.  We came across A.J. Jolly Park in Alexandria, KY while searching online.  It’s a beautiful park with large open areas that were perfect for flying kites.  There is also a large lake and tons of trails.  We had a picnic under a large tree.  The kids played on the playground. The park was clean, easy to find, and as you can tell from the photo, not too crowded.  Looking for a low-key family outing in Northern Kentucky?  Perhaps A.J. Jolly is what you are looking for.

Kinman Farms Spring Fest 2015 – Free Family Fun!

Kinman Farms

Spring Fest 2015 at Kinman Farms in Burlington, KY continues this coming weekend (5/16/15 & 5/17/15). Spring Fest is being offered free this year. Yes folks, Free! Free petting zoo, Free hayrides, Free pony rides, Free face painting, Free parking. The other activities were very budget friendly. They also sell a ton of plants if you are looking for something for your garden. Our first stop was the photo booth where the kids enjoyed holding bunnies.

Kinman Farms

There is an area here to paint a flower pot for $2. We skipped this because the line was too long. The petting zoo was a hit. Isabella, 5 years old, loves chickens! She could have stayed there all day. You can buy feed in an ice cream cone for $1. We went through a few of them!

ChickensPetting Zoo

The face painting station is in the petting zoo barn. It was kind-of odd placement. The girls running it were very nice.

Kinman Farms

We grabbed a quick lunch off the grill and ate at a picnic table looking out over the lake. It was relaxed and very budget friendly. Food options are Pulled Pork $4, Hotdogs $2.50, Funnel cakes $4, Nachos & Cheese $3, and Drinks $1. After lunch we went for a hayride around the farm. This was a lot of fun. A pony ride was Isabella’s favorite part of the whole day. This family farm day was just what we needed!

Pony Ride

Longhorn Steakhouse – Florence, KY

Looking for a place to grab a steak and cocktail with your kids in tow? We are parents but we get sick of eating at places that advertise Kid’s eat free nights and kiddy play places. Sometimes you want to go somewhere that let’s you feel like a grown-up that just happens to have a kid with you. I know, I know. It’s a chain but this place has booth seating, good food, a great strawberry margarita, kid’s meals, and a more grown up vibe. Our children felt welcome but we didn’t feel like we were eating at a “family” restaurant. I had Flo’s filet (cooked a perfect medium rare), grilled mushrooms, inadvertently garlic mashed potatoes (They accidently brought these too but didn’t even try to charge me for them.), a Caesar salad, and a strawberry margarita. Yes, I like to eat! This was not exactly a “cheap” dinner but it was a nice family night out. Everybody needs a nice meal now and then.

The Grilled Mushrooms were AMAZING!!
The Grilled Mushrooms were AMAZING!!
It even came with a rock sugar sucker! YUM!
It even came with a rock sugar sucker! YUM!

Around $100 for a family of 4

7501 Foltz road, Florence, KY

Boone County Library- Burlington, KY

We are huge library fans!  I always make it a habit of getting to know every library in the area we are living.  I will start by looking them up online and seeing if they have any events that we are interested in.  Often we visit during events or on rainy/cold days that would keep us in the house.  The kids and I get sick of being in the house.  I have been known to drive for up to an hour to spend a day in a library.  We revisit our favorites.  I have made friends at the library.  I have volunteered at libraries.  The whole family loves to read.  Ivy and I will sometimes bring our own laptops or tablets to take advantage of the free wi-fi.  They really are the perfect public place to spend a day with your family on a budget.


This photo of Isabella was taken in the play room in the Children’s area at the Main branch of the Boone County Library located in Burlington, KY.  This is a great library.  The first floor is more for grown-ups.  The second floor includes the children’s area and event rooms.  There is a small café that serves lunch. We have not tried this yet.  There are always programs, classes, and events going on here.  We have attended a free classical concert, art shows, a Lego show, and many children’s classes/activities at this location.  Best of all, they were all free!  Some classes require reservations.  You can find a list of all their events on the website and make reservations.

They hold children’s events in the room pictured above so it is not always available for play space. There is another play area which includes a puppet theater and computers loaded with children’s programs.  There is typically puzzles and coloring sheets out.

Abuelo’s Mexican Restaurant – Crestview Hills, KY


I took my hubby out for a special dinner at Abuelo’s Mexican restaurant. He is a HUGE fan of Mexican food! This place is amazing! You get free chips and salsa for a starter. We ordered additional dips. He ordered a HUGE meal! Crazy man! I got a steak. I know, I know…but it looked great…and it was! I did get some mexican potatoes with it. Isabella got a quesadilla. Ivy got enchiladas with sour cream sauce. The girls both got rice and beans for sides.


He was defeated by “The Monterey.” Look at all the food left on that plate, lol.


Cost: $50-$75 for a family of 4 (Not including dessert or Alcoholic beverages.)

Location: 2833 Dixie Hwy. Crestview Hills, KY 41017 (They have many others!)