Indy Music Fest in Covington, KY

We were visiting family and went for a post-dinner walk.  While out we stumbled upon Indy Music Fest at the edge of Goebel park in Covington, Kentucky.  Now I am not an Indy music super fan but the festival was free so we decided to wander in.  Isabella enjoyed dancing to the music.  It was right next to the playground so we walked around the fence and let the kids play for a while.  Their playground is small but it has the basics.  The kids did a little swinging.  We were able to watch the show from there.  They also had some basic fair food and beer that I did not partake in since I was stuffed from dinner.

Ivy was thrilled with the dunk a musician booth.  After the bands played one of them would climb into the dunk booth.  For a dollar you could throw a ball and hopefully dunk them.  She hung out here watching long after her turn was over.  There were surprisingly a few other people with children here.  There was no rule against them being there but I have been to many places that they were the only little kids there.  There was not a huge crowd which made it easy to let even the toddler walk holding a hand.  There were Cd’s for sale in case you found somebody you loved.  The bands were also giving out listings of there upcoming concerts.  It was good advertisement for them.

Isabella busting a move!

While this was fluke, it was a fun way to spend an hour for free.  You know I like free entertainment!  As the hour got later the crowd started to swell.  That was when it was time for us to head off.  This is another good tip: If you want to take your kids to more adult places the early hours when it is not as busy is best.

The Details:

What: Indy Music Fest

Where: Goebel park in Covington, Kentucky

Cost: Free!

How long: About 1 hour but it went on for way longer

Barnes and Noble – Florence, KY

I honestly just stopped by the Barnes and Noble in Florence, KY to get a book but it turns out they have loads of fun things for the kids to do.  Enough to occupy them for an hour or two.  They have this amazing train table.  The kids played with it for a while.  They have a stage in the back corner.  They didn’t have anything that day but apparently they have free shows and story hours there from time to time.

They also have a huge Children’s section!  A fun place to take your children for a day outing.  They can play for a while.  Then you can let them pick out a book. Be forewarned, this could take a while because of the selection.

They also have a summer reading program.  It’s free to sign up.  It’s for children in grades 1 through 6.  They simply read 8 books.  Fill out the form with the titles of the books they read.  Then drop it back off.  They get to pick a free book off a list of age appropriate books.  I highly suggest anything that gets kids to read!