Old Fashioned Ice Cream at Putz’s Creamy Whip – Cincinnati, OH

Putz’s Creamy Whip in Cincinnati, Ohio is full of old-fashioned charm. It has been family owned and operated since 1938. They are a favorite of many Cincinnati area families. This was our first visit and I can completely understand why so many people recommended it to us. We stopped here after a long day of swimming. Is there anything better than swimming and ice cream on a hot day?

We got the blue dipped vanilla soft serve ice cream cones, a watermelon slush, and Michael got a root beer float. They were all very good. There are picnic tables and shade trees next to the parking lot. We definitely sat at one of the picnic tables to enjoy our treats because there was no way I was allowing kids to eat ice cream in my car.

As you can see, Octavia really enjoys ice cream. I only got one watermelon slush. The girls loved it so much that I had to get another one before we left because the first one was gone. I’m a huge fan of slush. We highly recommend a stop at Putz’s Creamy Whip if you are in the Cincinnati area. It is right off the highway and easy to get to. The parking lot is decent sized and we had no trouble finding a spot. The prices are reasonable. It is cash only so come prepared. We will be making a return trip when we are in the area.

Freddy’s Steakburgers

IMG_9414 (1)

We recently took the kids to dinner at Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers in Amelia, Ohio. The food is made fresh to order. The steakburger patties are thin so they cook very fast. I went with the classic. The beef was well seasoned. The shoestring fries are thin and crispy! They were very good. However, the star of the show is the fry sauce. This creamy sauce is the perfect complement to the crispy fries. Bottomless drink refills and unlimited fry sauce are at a self-service area near the food pick-up window.

The place is perfect for a fun, family dinner. It’s not the healthiest stop but sometimes it’s alright to indulge a little. The kid’s meal is basically slightly smaller portions of the same food. The whole family enjoyed themselves. I cannot comment on the custard they serve for dessert. We were too full from the large meals to want dessert. It is an affordable dining option with meals coming in under $10 per person.

Parky’s Wetland Adventure

Looking for an affordable, kid-friendly outing on a hot summer day in Cincinnati?  Consider a trip to Parky’s Wetland Adventure on the Eastside.  It’s in Woodland Mound Park which is part of the Hamilton County parks system.  It’s $3.50 each for kids ages 2-12.

Octavia’s little hat is so cute!

We have been trying to visit all the different parks around Cincinnati. There are so many of them! It may keep us busy for ages. Isabella, six years old, loved it. The place is a perfect way to run off some energy and enjoy the heat. There is also a toddler section so we may revisit this with Octavia when she is a little older. Ivy was too old to play here.  She and I had time to chat while Isabella played with kids her age. Octavia slept through most of our trip. She’s a newborn and sleeps a lot.  The view of the river from the benches at the back was amazing!


They have a snack/drink shop and picnic tables to eat at. After Isabella was done playing in the water, we grabbed a drink and quick snack. We chose to sit at the picnic tables near the playground next door to the waterpark instead. The girls had a lot of fun playing at the playground that is built into a hill. The tables were at the top of the hill so I could watch them playing.

There is also a nature center near the waterpark area that is free and worth a visit. It was a fun place to visit for a bit. There were plants and local animals. There was a short trail right by it that we walked. We had a lot of fun. This place is definitely a great way to spend a hot summer afternoon with the kids.


Do you want to feel like you have stepped into a family night from the past?  You can do just that at the Starlite Drive-in!  We enjoyed an old-fashioned night out with our kids.  I was trying to find a place for a family night that the girls would enjoy but that would be a good option for a newborn.  Octavia is only a month old.

I stumbled upon this while searching options in the greater Cincinnati area. The Starlite Drive-in is located in Amelia, OH.  This is an extremely affordable option for taking a family to the movies. They do a double feature.  Prices are currently: 12 and up is $8.75 and kids 4-11 are $5.25. Three and under are free. You can buy a food permit for $5 and bring in outside food.  I stopped at the grocery earlier in the day and picked up some favorite snack food.  We brought a cooler for juice and water bottles. The entire outing cost us under $50.

IMG_9420 (1)

We took the minivan for this trip. We turned the backseat around and laid out blankets in the back.  The kids had a blast.  I didn’t have to worry about where to feed the baby.  Best of all we got to spend some time together snuggling and it gave us a great memory.  Your kids only stay little for a short time.  Make as many amazing memories as you can!

Cincinnati OMNIMAX – Journey to Space

Journey to Space is the new film at the Cincinnati OMNIMAX.  It begins with early achievements of the space program and covers 30 years of the discoveries and history made including Hubble and the international space station.  It goes through things currently being worked on to make long-term space travel possible and ends with plans to send astronauts to live on Mars.

I enjoyed seeing the new suit designs and hearing about the issues with the old ones. My husband loves any film about space so he was very happy.  He said “It was well done. It awed which is what space is all about.” Ivy, our 14-year-old, was on the fence.  She said the beginning was good but she found the parts about planning for Mars kind-of boring. Isabella, our 5-year-old, was polite but bored stiff.  She did much better at the beginning when there were videos of shuttles taking off and things collected by Hubble. When they began the prep work for Mars she was over it.  We also took my sister this time. She found it relaxing. Perhaps too relaxing…When the credits began we realized she was asleep.

All in all, this was not one of our favorites.  If your children are covering space exploration for school or if you would like to touch on it for homeschooling, this film is for you. If you have a child that is interested in astronauts or space, has a decent attention span, and is old enough to understand the importance of a trip to Mars, they may enjoy this. This film is definitely more directed at adults and teens.


  • 45 minutes long
  • Adults $7.50
  • Children $5.50
  • $25 per person to join the OMNIMAX club for unlimited films for 1 year
  • www.cincymuseum.org