Nashville, Indiana

We went to Nashville! No, the other Nashville.

Nashville is a quaint, little art town in Brown County Indiana. This was my birthday trip. I hadn’t visited since I was a child. I had fond memories of this town and wanted to share new memories here with my family. We parked and walked around town all day. We started off with a little window shopping and browsing through shops.

We enjoyed a show at Melchior Marionette Theatre. This little place is so cute! It’s cheap, clean family fun. The people that perform here are friendly and extremely passionate. The shows are not very long and run multiple times a day.

After the show, we wandered around town for a while. This town has so many little shops and galleries that you could easily spend an entire weekend looking through them. We don’t typically buy souvenirs. We do occasionally buy things that add value to our lives while traveling. On this trip, we bought five things. Isabella got a wooden doll set that she has had loads of fun playing with. They were from a free trade shop on the main road. I found a dragonfly necklace that I knew my mother would adore so I put it up for a Christmas gift. We also bought two small paintings. I am originally from Indiana and the paintings remind me of my childhood home. Ivy picked out an addition to her rock collection.

We stopped for lunch at Big Woods Pizza. This place was packed. The outdoor heaters were nice while waiting on the porch for a table. The atmosphere was amazingly rustic, feeling like a mix between a bar and a cabin. We had cheesy bread for an appetizer. We decided on “The Big Woods” pizza. It has pork sausage, roasted garlic, asiago, and mozzarella cheese with marinara sauce. It was hearty and delicious. We were hungry so I didn’t get the best picture.

After thoroughly stuffing ourselves, we continued our meandering around town. We visited a shop full of rocks with a big pile of geodes. Ivy is a huge fan and found a small piece of a meteor to add to her collection. We slowly browsed through a few more places before finding our way to The Candy Dish. Isabella was in heaven. It took her ages to decide on the perfect piece. She finally chose a white chocolate covered marshmallow.

We started making our way back to our car after this, still browsing along the way. That’s when we came across House of Jerky. This place was exactly what you are imagining. We were delighted to find how many types of jerky there were here. Ivy tried kangaroo. I loved the teriyaki beef. Michael likes all kinds of jerky. He chose a beef stick and venison. He also sampled everything they let him and our picks.

We were parked near the Nashville General Store and Bakery. We knew we wanted to check this place out before leaving town. We looked around the many areas of this eclectic little shop for ages. We also had their famous fried biscuits in lieu of dinner because we were still too full from that huge pizza.

Seriously people, look at these fried biscuits! I didn’t even mention the best part. That little cup is full of the best apple butter I have ever eaten. I would never have thought to put these two things together but it is pure magic! I can see why people visit just for these. I would happily go back to eat them again.

Next, we went on a little out of the way trip to find something I found online. There is a historical stone head near Nashville, Indiana. It was a mile marker and has stood since the 1800’s. We drove down some curvy country roads as sunset was steadily approaching looking for it. We honestly weren’t sure if we would be able to find it but we did and it was awesome! That concludes our trip to Nashville, Indiana. It is a beautiful place, full of art and surrounded by trees. If you ever have the chance to visit, I suggest you do.

The Classic Grilled Cheese Donut at Tom & Chee

Looking for a fun dinner option that the kids will be talking about for days? Perhaps Tom & Chee is the place for you!

We had a family day trip to Newport on the Levee in Newport, KY this weekend.  We had the pleasure of eating dinner at Tom & Chee.  We each got “The Classic” grilled cheese donut.  It is cheddar on a glazed donut.  It sounds odd and I was skeptical at first.  They were amazing!  The combination of the saltiness in the cheddar and the sweetness of the donut was a perfect combination.  The kids loved it!  Obviously this is not good for you but it was a great treat dinner.

It’s very kid friendly.  They had an outdoor seating area so we could eat, chat, and people watch in the beautiful weather.  There is a television tuned to cartoons inside if that’s your thing.  It’s a casual laid-back place.

The menu includes many grilled sandwich options, soups, and salads.  They will add potato chips to your sandwiches as well.  The prices are reasonable. Around $20 for our family of 4.  The classic grilled cheese donut is $4.

Spending a Day in Madison, Indiana

The girls and I spent yesterday in Madison, Indiana. It is a beautiful small town on the banks of the Ohio river. We were able to find parking near this gorgeous fountain. We took some time to make a wish before strolling around town. We browsed a few shops including one that sells natural soaps called All Good Things Soaps & Such. That place smelled amazing!

We were getting hungry and were lucky enough to stop for lunch at the Historic Broadway Hotel & Tavern. It’s a small place and had an old time atmosphere. We started off with beer battered fried mushrooms. They were amazing! We all had burgers and chips. I had a mushroom Swiss burger. It was a decent burger. I would eat here again just for those fried mushrooms.

We walked down Main Street and browsed shops after lunch. This is a cute little town. It is clean and the people were friendly. We never know what we may find while on the road and small towns are no different. Many small towns have quirky things that you will not see elsewhere. We visited a shop called The Birdhouse Wild Bird and Nature Shop (Update: named changed to Cultivate). This was an odd shop. It is an all natural gift shop. The girls enjoyed looking at all the odds and ends this place had to offer. The basement of this place is where things got a little weird. They set up a fake forest in the basement with ribbons with wishes written on them hanging in the trees. It was very dark and a little creepy down there. The kids were not sure what to think. It is one of those places that you are going to bring up on the list of odd things you have found on the road. It’s worth stopping by if only for the oddity factor. Somebody put a ton of work into this! I have to respect their dedication.



Village Lights Bookstore was one of our favorite stops. It is hard not to be impressed by the shelves of books covering this place. The girls loved that there was a cat to pet. It was so nice to be back in a small town bookstore. There are little nooks everywhere and it feels amazing.

We browsed through many shops. We looked at funky vintage clothing, antiques, furniture, and loads of pretties. This town is pretty cool. It’s a great place to spend a day with kids. I bet it would be a fun place to do some holiday shopping. Maybe we will venture back sometime to see how it looks around Christmas. We finished our day with a trip to a candy shop on the walk back to our car. We stopped at Cocoa Safari Chocolates. We each picked out a small treat. This place is amazing! I love the pig statue out front! I had a dark chocolate covered caramel with sea salt. Yum! Ivy got the same thing and Isabella got a chocolate with an M&M on top.

I really enjoyed our Girl’s day in Madison, Indiana! I would come back here again.

Happy Travels!

World’s Largest McDonald’s

This place is Huge!

When we were looking for a place for dinner we did not expect to end up at McDonald’s but I’m so glad we did. The World’s Largest McDonald’s is located in sunny Orlando, Florida. This place is massive and as family friendly as a restaurant can be. The menu is large and varied. Our food was really good. This is obviously an inexpensive meal for this area but you could spend a fortune in the arcade upstairs.

There is extra parking in a lot next door.
So Happy!

This was our first day in Orlando. We had spent the majority of the day in the car. The kids could not wait to run off some energy. But first we had to handle the fact that we were starving. I do not understand why but sitting in a car all day leaves me stiff, starving, and exhausted. Well, the stiff part I understand because I’m not exactly 20 any more.

Seriously! Check this out!

Ordering is a little confusing because there are so many sections and the menu is huge. There are the typical burgers, fries, chicken nuggets, and happy meals but there are also salads, pizza, ice cream, and more. We loved the fact that the kids could indulge in fast food burgers while my husband and I got to enjoy more adult options. My husband went with the salad pictured above and I got a more modest grilled chicken salad without the fried tortilla bowl. They were both surprisingly fresh. We sat at a bar that was placed against a fish tank. My husband and our children adore fish so this was great dinner entertainment.

Play Area

The play area is quite impressive. The photo above was taken from the parent area. There are a few chairs there. The lighting is a little weird because of the neon signs outside. This area is great for the kids to get rid of some energy. This was perfect for Isabella who was practically bouncing up and down after being stuck in the car all day. Right next to this is an arcade. We only played a couple of games before heading back to our hotel. This stop was a lot of fun and perfect for a family looking for a budget friendly meal.


Crabs We Got ’em


Crabs We Got ’em in Pensacola Beach, Florida was a fast family favorite.  It is the epitome of the kitschy seafood restaurant on the beach.  It was a must on many lists that I read while planning our trip.  The moment I looked up photos of the place I knew it was for us.  From the crab related art work and the caged birds out front to the beach playground and beach front outdoor tables, this place was made for families.

Isabella at the playground on the beach

I normally spend some time picking accommodations and planning a couple of restaurant options.  This is especially important if we go out for seafood because one of our girls has food allergies.  With a little advance notice you can work around allergies sometimes.  I called ahead and we were able to make arrangements for her to be served macaroni and cheese before the rest of us got any food.  She then played at the on-site playground while we ate at a neighboring table that they had saved for us.  We were very impressed with the service.  They were very accommodating and our waitress was super friendly.

Fried Crab Claws

There is something amazing about eating seafood while listening to the waves crash and staring out over the tranquility of the ocean.  The food here was amazing!  The hubby and I had a couple of crab traps (their signature drinks).  We lingered over appetizers and dinner as the sun went down.  The fried crab claws, calamari, and the tray of gulf blue crabs were our favorites.


While I am typically very budget conscience, this place was expensive.  The food is great and the atmosphere is even better.  If you wanted to do this on a tighter budget, I would suggest the Gulf blue crab tray steamed in beer.  It was local, well priced, and big enough you could share.  You could skip the drinks.  The appetizers were so delicious I have trouble telling you to skip them.  Maybe just one appetizer.  We really love food!  Sometimes you just have to splurge on a good meal.  It’s good for the soul.

Just a pile of crabs! YUM!

This place was an easy walk down the beach to our hotel.  We took our time walking back, enjoying the beauty of the beach at night with the crabs scurrying around.  Isabella would scream every time one went running near her.  Ivy loved them.  The girls are very different with things like that.  We passed an area that was blocked off for a sea turtle nest.  Both of the girls were excited to see that.

Have you been here?  What did you think?  Have suggestions for our next trip to Florida? Please leave them in the comments below