An Island in West Virginia?

IMG_3534 (2)

We were on a road trip and looking for a lunch stop. That’s when we discovered Wheeling Island, West Virginia and this impressive bridge! In our excitement over the bridge we stopped at a little dive after driving over it. You know all those stories about the awesome food at a dive. This is not one of those stories. Eating cheap at random places on the road can lead to some interesting stories. Basically, We fed our children lunch that was glorified gas station food. It looked like a diner. We shared a couple calzones and cans of soda. The lady working there was very nice but seemed surprised to see us. Men kept coming in and going to the back while we were there. My husband told me after we left that he thought it was a place to gamble and the front was just for snacks/drinks. Oops! The food was not good but nobody got sick or anything. You live and you learn.

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After our unusual meal, we walked out on the bridge to check it out and get a few shots. It was beautiful! It gave us a chance to stretch our legs after being in the car for hours. The simple but important rule of peaceful family travel is when you hear the kids whining and picking at each other increase it is time for a break. Some kids (and adults) are better with travel than others. However, it is a skill and it gets better with practice. Travel makes for a more patient family.