St. Augustine Beach, Florida

We were on our way to Daytona Beach, Florida and we really needed a break. We had been stuck in a car with 3 kids for far too long. We decided to stop at St. Augustine Beach. This is a beautiful beach. It is clean and family friendly with ample parking.

This was Octavia’s first trip and her first time to see the ocean. She was two months old. Regardless of age, you have to dip your toes in the water the first time you see the ocean. She was surprisingly calm about her foot getting wet.

There is something magical about the ocean that always pulls us in. Isabella can’t help herself. Her excitement for life is one of my favorite things about her. She is always so joyous in the moment. She would happily spend her days running and playing outside in the sunshine. She was running in the waves and fairly soaked before we left. We changed her into a different sundress before getting back on the road. We took the scenic route by driving down A1A into Daytona Beach. It took a little longer but it was better for our sanity.

Days Inn – Panama City Beach, Florida


This is the view from the balcony of the family suite we were upgraded to.  This hotel did still have some construction going on while we were there.  They said it would be going on a little longer.  The room prices were very reasonable.  Our room was clean.  The beach was right there.  I don’t need much else.


We enjoyed the separate space for us but we did not like the fact that you can’t see the beach from the front bedroom.  The door opens into that room so it is the only layout option that makes sense from a safety standpoint.  The room was decorated in an “Old Florida” style when we were there.  I’m not sure if this is a detail at they are changing or not.  I thought it was cute.  My husband prefers a more contemporary look.


The girl’s loved the fact that they had their own beds.  There was a television in their room so they got to watch Disney channel while the husband and I sat on the balcony enjoying a glass of wine after dark.

We loved the pool at this hotel. It looks like a cave! The kids loved it. There is a hot tub overlooking the ocean. There is a pool bar and loads of seating. I loved the fact that half of the pool is in the cave so it is out of the sun.

The hotel offered a continental breakfast. The breakfast was nothing special. We had juice and cereal. It was nice on the day we were leaving because we had a drive ahead of us and wanted to get a jump on the day. The parking at this hotel is in a parking garage with nearby elevator access up to the hotel. This hotel was reasonably priced for being beach front. I would stay here again.

Pensacola Beach, FL

We had the pleasure of taking the family on a trip to the beautiful white sandy beach in Pensacola, FL in 2015. Lounging in the sun, playing in the mild waves, building sandcastles, and enjoying spectacular views was the perfect way to spend a day.

looking for tiny treasures

Parking was incredibly easy to find and there was a bathhouse near this area. There was an area there to spray off, use the restroom, and change into dry clothing before driving to our nearby hotel. The beach and parking are free. This area does have a lot of seaweed in the water during this time of year.

Warning the sun here is not to be messed with! Layer on the sunscreen and drink plenty of water. Remind kids often to stay hydrated because it’s easy for them to get so busy playing and swimming that they forget to drink enough.



What is it about the beach that makes you feel so at peace? I cannot wait to visit this little slice of heaven again! It is a great family beach to take the kids to. I highly suggest it! They are only young once. Make all the memories you can! This day will definitely be one I recall for years and years to come. Remembering Isabella’s jaw-dropping at the vastness of the ocean, playing in the waves, collecting little shells, Ivy boogie boarding with her Dad, building sandcastles, and the sound of sweet little giggles as my legs were slowly buried in the sand will make me smile for years to come.