The Classic Grilled Cheese Donut at Tom & Chee

Looking for a fun dinner option that the kids will be talking about for days? Perhaps Tom & Chee is the place for you!

We had a family day trip to Newport on the Levee in Newport, KY this weekend.  We had the pleasure of eating dinner at Tom & Chee.  We each got “The Classic” grilled cheese donut.  It is cheddar on a glazed donut.  It sounds odd and I was skeptical at first.  They were amazing!  The combination of the saltiness in the cheddar and the sweetness of the donut was a perfect combination.  The kids loved it!  Obviously this is not good for you but it was a great treat dinner.

It’s very kid friendly.  They had an outdoor seating area so we could eat, chat, and people watch in the beautiful weather.  There is a television tuned to cartoons inside if that’s your thing.  It’s a casual laid-back place.

The menu includes many grilled sandwich options, soups, and salads.  They will add potato chips to your sandwiches as well.  The prices are reasonable. Around $20 for our family of 4.  The classic grilled cheese donut is $4.

Scuba Santa – Newport, KY


Yesterday we took the girls to see the Scuba Santa Show at the Newport Aquarium in Newport, KY. The show starts with a little back story that his reindeer flew away and he went under the sea to find the magical seahorses to help him find them. At that point they lift the screen and there’s Santa in his sleigh and diving gear.


After a minute the sharks, fish, and the sea turtle begin to swim by. There was a lot of excitement in the room. Isabella had been asking to see this for almost 2 weeks! There were many fascinated children and adults. I’m not ashamed to say we were some of them.


At one point in the show he went to get his naughty and nice book. He asked the kids some questions such as “Can you raise your hand if you have been naughty?” The kids put their hands up about half way through the question. The kids all freaked out and put thier hands down the second he said naughty.


Then he took photos with the kids. It was a fun experience!

Purple People Eater Bridge -Cincinnati, OH


We took this after walking across the purple people eater bridge from Newport, KY to Cincinnati, OH.  It is a very nice walking bridge with benches along the larger of the two walkways.  Isabella loved walking over the water. The Belle of Cincinnati went under the bridge while we were walking back.  The whole family enjoyed waving to the people on board.

Cost -Free ($3 to park in Newport, KY)