KFC Museum – Corbin, KY

A few years ago, we stopped by Corbin, Ky and visited the KFC museum. It was unusual, surprisingly interesting, and a great chance to get out of the car for a bit. It is one of those places that is fun to check out for an hour but not worth traveling more than 30 minutes out of your way for. We happened to be getting hungry and stopped in Corbin, Ky for dinner. I had heard about this place and decided to stop by. It is completely free. There is a running restaurant still here but they did not pressure us to buy anything in order to see the museum. It is a fun place to have a family lunch on your way by.


Original Kitchen


There is a model motel room set up inside the restaurant. The idea was that it would impress the woman in traveling families and they would drive down the road to rent a room for the night from a hotel owned by the same people. Talk about major advertisement.


This set up was used in the first KFC ad.

A model sat here eating ham, their most popular menu item.


Handwritten recipes used in the kitchen.


Location: 688 U.S. Highway 25 West in Corbin, KY

Website:  http://www.corbinkentucky.us/sanderscafe.htm

Cost: Free

Time: 1 hour


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