Famous Pizza & People at Gino’s East – Chicago, IL

Gino’s East in Downtown Chicago is a famous place. It has been in countless magazines, television shows, and many a travel story. For my 29th birthday we went to Chicago to celebrate. I had to stop by Gino’s, write my name on the wall, and have a piece of Gino’s famous pizza. They are known for two things. One is the deep dish Chicago style pizza. The other is the fact that every wall is covered in signatures! They have a sausage patty pizza made with their famous sausage. Of course that is what we had. It was amazing! While there we saw Actor Peter Jacobson standing in line. He plays Dr. Taub on House, was on Law and Order and a ton of other shows from Will & Grace to The Good Wife! What a shock to just see him standing there! He was very nice.

I wrote my name on the wall in hot pink lipstick because ink was not going to show up. The whole place is covered in names! It’s amusing. Here’s my name:

                                      Can you see the hot pink “Crystal?”The Details

Location: 633 North Wells Street (at Ontario Street) Downtown Chicago, IL

Cost: Varies based on what you order. Their menu is on their website.


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