UK – University of Kentucky – Lexington, KY

I did not expect looking at colleges with my sister to turn into a fun family trip but it did. I turns out that visiting a college with children is a great life experience. They get this little peek into what their future could possibly hold.

Memorial Hall


We read the historical signs, walked through the library, and checked out the common areas. We ate in one of the outdoor courtyards. Isabella danced for us and the students who were there. It was a great day!

The Info:

University of Kentucky Address: Visitor Center, Main Building Lexington, KY 40506-0032

Phone: (859) 257-3595


Cost: Visiting the campus is free. You do have to pay for parking. If you are there to see the campus as a possible student they validate parking for their garage only. If not, parking is around $10.

Please keep in mind this is a school! Be respectful and stay out of the education buildings. You can eat at the campus restaurants, see the grounds, or even stroll downtown. It is only a few blocks away.


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