Pensacola Beach Gulf Pier

Pensacola Beach Gulf Pier

A walk out on the Pensacola Beach Gulf Pier is required if you are in the area. It is simply beautiful! You can pay to fish for the day or pay a small nominal observer fee to walk out and take in the views. We were lucky enough to be here on a perfect day. Sunshine, a nice breeze, dolphins just visible jumping in the background, and not too big of a crowd helped to make this a relaxed family afternoon to remember. We brought some bottled water, layered on the sunscreen, and just spent an hour or so taking it all in.  We watched a little girl reel in a large fish while her father proudly looked on and bragged that she was having all the luck. There is a bait/souvenir shop that also rents fishing poles by the day, a diner, and restrooms.

Family Travel is about making memories together that will last a lifetime.  Remember the wonder in your child’s eyes when they see something amazing. I only have a few photographs from that afternoon but I have the moment that 5 year old Isabella looked out over the waves whispering “Wow” and 14 year old Ivy shouting “Is that a dolphin jumping?” to recall for the rest of my life.  Take the time to step back and take in those perfect moments with your children because they will be grown too soon. 


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