Kite Flying in Kentucky


We were trying to find a good place to go kite flying.  We came across A.J. Jolly Park in Alexandria, KY while searching online.  It’s a beautiful park with large open areas that were perfect for flying kites.  There is also a large lake and tons of trails.  We had a picnic under a large tree.  The kids played on the playground. The park was clean, easy to find, and as you can tell from the photo, not too crowded.  Looking for a low-key family outing in Northern Kentucky?  Perhaps A.J. Jolly is what you are looking for.

Boone County Library- Burlington, KY


This photo was taken in the play room in the Children’s area at the Main branch of the Boone County Library located in Burlington, KY.  This is a great library.  The first floor is more for grown-ups.  The second floor includes the children’s area and event rooms.  There is a small café that serves lunch. We have not tried this yet but I will update you when we do.  We have attended a free classical concert, art shows, a Lego show, and many children’s classes/activities at this location.  Best of all, they were all free!  They hold children’s events in the room pictured above so it is not always available for play space. There is another play area which includes a puppet theater and computers loaded with children’s programs.  There is typically puzzles and coloring sheets out.

I always make it a habit of getting to know every library in the area we are living.  I will start by looking them up online and seeing if they have any events that we are interested in.  Often we visit during events or during rainy/cold days that would keep us in the house.  The kids and I get sick of being in the house.  I have been known to drive for up to an hour to spend a day in a library.  We revisit our favorites.  I have made friends at libraries.  I have volunteered at libraries.  The whole family loves to read.  Ivy and I will sometimes bring our own laptops or tablets to take advantage of the wi-fi.  They really are the perfect public place to spend a day with your family on a budget.

Izzy’s in Florence, KY


I can’t help it!  I just love a good sandwich! I also adore the pickles at Izzy’s.  They bring this bowl of free pickle goodness to your table and everything is awesome from that moment on.  We devoured our pickle appetizer while waiting on our sandwiches. Izzy’s is known for their pickles, Reubens, and potato pancakes.

IMG_8901 (1)

On this particular day, the hubby ordered a Reuben and I got the corn beef and Swiss.  They also make these perfect potato pancakes.  They are perfectly fried heaven.  I could easily go to Izzy’s and only eat them.  You can order them separately.  This restaurant is extremely family friendly.  They do offer kid’s meals that are similar to the adult food but the potatoes are different.  Isabella got the corn beef sandwich.  I could order a potato pancake for Isabella for lunch instead.  They are big and she loved them so much she put a pretty good dent in mine and her Dad’s.

We visited the location on Mall road in Florence, KY.  The parking situation at this particular location sucks. It is in the same building as a Starbucks and shares a lot with a small strip-mall.  If you go here at midday, you may have to circle the lot to find a parking spot.  It is worth the time spent finding parking.  Very affordable at under $10 per person.

Come hungry and Enjoy!

Louisville’s Best Chocolate Chip Cookie at Please & Thank You


Please & Thank You

We were recently in Louisville, KY and decided that we must try the chocolate chip cookies at Please & Thank You.  We had heard so many good things about this place that I wasn’t sure it could live up to the hype but I was wrong. The place definitely has a Hipster vibe. The staff was polite. The iced Thai coffee was amazing. Our oldest daughter, Ivy, really enjoyed their specialty tea assortment. She decided on the Ruby Slipper and loved it.


So Many Goodies!

We came for cookies but once Isabella looked in the case she decided that she had to try the Bourbon Bar. It was quite delish! Everything looked and smelled amazing. We placed our order and waited for it to be made. It was Sunday afternoon and the place was very busy. We found seats in the back near the record shop area.


They had a small table for the little kids with crayons & a shelf of old toys.

Ivy and I sat at the end of a large picnic table that was shared by many patrons. It was comfortable and friendly. The chocolate chip cookies were gooey and perfect. I understand why they are the best in Louisville.



Cumberland Falls State Resort Park


Cumberland Falls state resort park in Corbin, KY is considered a must-see for Kentucky. We have been living in the Cincinnati area for a while now and have decided to work our way through the must-see lists for Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana on the weekends. It was early October when we visited and the water was a little muddy. It was still a wonderful place and a fun day with the family. We began with the Falls. There are multiple viewing areas to enjoy Cumberland Falls beauty. We spent a little while starring and taking a few photos. There is a small snack stand and gift shop near the falls. We stopped for ice cream cones. Then we took a random trail to see where it went. It took us down to a sandy river bank. The kids had a grand time climbing on fallen trees and huge rocks.

IMG_7474Isabella could have spent an entire day playing there. We spent about an hour there. Afterwards, we took Moonbow trail which turned out to be a bit much for us. We had the dog with us. We took a turn off that took us to see a small waterfall. It was down a load of stairs that were narrow and steep. The dog simply could not make it down. The husband and I took turns with the dog while the other went down. It was getting late by that point and we decided to head back towards the car. It was a nice trip and goes in the family travel memory book. Looking forward to visiting some more of the must-sees around us.

The Classic Grilled Cheese Donut at Tom & Chee

Looking for a fun dinner option that the kids will be talking about for days? Perhaps Tom & Chee is the place for you! 

We had a family day trip to Newport on the Levee in Newport, KY this weekend. We had the pleasure of eating dinner at Tom & Chee. We each got “The Classic” grilled cheese donut. It is cheddar on a glazed donut. It sounds odd and I was skeptical at first. They were amazing! The combination of the saltiness in the cheddar and the sweetness of the donut was a perfect blend. The kids loved it! Obviously this is not good for you but it was a great treat dinner. 

It’s very kid friendly. They had an outdoor seating area so we could eat, chat, and people watch in the beautiful weather. There is a television tuned to cartoons inside if that’s your thing. It’s a casual laid-back place.

The menu includes many grilled sandwich options, soups, and salads. They will add potato chips to your sandwiches as well. The prices are reasonable. Around $20 for our family of 4. The classic grilled cheese donut is $4. 

Orange Leaf – Florence, KY

Cheesecake Frozen Yogurt!

Cheesecake Frozen Yogurt!

Orange Leaf is a family friendly frozen yogurt chain. You choose your flavor(s) of frozen yogurt and put the desired amount in your cup. Then you add toppings from the toppings bar which includes things such as candy, sprinkles, fruit, nuts, and those delicious cheesecake pieces I covered mine in. Your yogurt is weighed and you pay based on that weight. They have a waffle cone option but we all chose bowls. I love the fact that you control the portions at this place. So it’s possible to have a little treat. However, the cups are huge and can be deceiving. Let your children chose the flavor and toppings but I suggest you actually portion it out. My oldest served herself and was shocked by how much was actually in her cup. She only made it through about half of it. The chairs at the tables are great for young children. They are low to the ground and very wide so they are hard to tip over. Everything in this place can be wiped down. This is a great family friendly outing for a hot day.

The Details:


Location:  7651 Mall Rd, Florence, KY 41042

Cost: Under $20 for 4